Michigan Faces Government Shutdown (Again) – September 29, 2009

Michigan Faces Government Shutdown (Again) – September 29, 2009

The thing is, it is unnecessary for us to have reached this point at all. Political posturing and stupidity are the reasons that we do not have a budget right now! The Republicans passed a balanced budget in June of this year. See for yourself here: http://www.senate.michigan.gov/sfa/StateBudget/AppropriationStatus.pdf At first it was ignored, and then the administration started cherry picking the most harsh parts of the budget and using scare-tactics to play up the idea that we’d be devastated if we passed this budget. Boloney! The fact is, Michigan is operating on a budget level that was based on millions more people and millions more jobs. We have been hemorrhaging residents and jobs for the past decade and it had done nothing but accelerate in the past 4 years. Now what we have is a government that is far bigger than is even remotely necessary for the number of residents of the state. This government MUST shrink. It also doesn’t help that Jennifer Granholm and her administration tell lies like, ‘We’ve cut everywhere we can,’ when clearly, she has done no such thing – she, and I DO lay the blame directly at her feet, has passed more pork, and more ridiculous increases in spending than any other governor this state has ever had.

Are there difficult cuts in this Proposal? Absolutely – but no more than we as residents have had to face in our personal and business lives.

Every person in the State of Michigan has had to examine their budget and drastically cut their spending. Individuals and businesses alike. There is no reason that this government should not or cannot do this as well. Call your Michigan Legislator and tell them to cut the crap (literally) and vote to pass the Budget Proposal we’ve had since June!

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