Blodget And Spitzer Discuss The Ethics Of AIG Email Coverups; Ratigan Chimes In Too

The two specialists on using email as a key prosecutorial device (both from the pitching and catching end), discuss the validity of bringing up emails to the public domain in the AIG case. Why this hasn’t been done already, especially with round after round of public outcry and various regulatory agencies involved, is a mystery which can only be solved if one realizes that those in charge have nothing to gain from uncovering the dirty truths at the heart of the crash that almost cost Goldman Sachs a bankruptcy, scratch that, a liquidation (of course, nothing could be further from the truth, sayeth His Holiness Viniar. We, on the other would point out that in this case (and incalculable others) Viniar himself would probably be the only exception to the prio statement, thus invoking a nightmarish analysis of non-exclusive Venn diagrams and other logical gibberish).

Here is Dylan and the former enemies, now best talking head buddies.

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