Fat Cats Resent The Whole Banker Comparison Thing


Lily, the official fatcat mascot of LOLFed, won’t go out without a disguise ever since President Obama made that comparison between fat cats and bankers. The Reformed Broker has one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while, an official letter from The American Fat Cat Society to the President:

In contradistinction between the zaftig feline kind and the objects of the President’s ire, most cats (including fat ones) are patriotic, pragmatic, cunning and blessed with an inherent instinct for survival… [W]e would like to remind the President that batting around balls of yarn did not put the country into $12 trillion dollars in debt…easy money and securitized lending did.

We can look past being called fat but the banker association is, frankly, unmeowable.

The fat cats have demanded an apology – and I think they deserve it, so Lily can take off that wig and fly her fatcat flag with pride again.