Healthcare Charts That Show Why ObamaCare Will Not Work

There are 9 of these over at Doug Ross’ blog: Top Nine Health Care Charts You’ve Never Seen Before. But here is a key one that does not bode well for ObamaCare:

Tort and malpractice reform, of course, are not addressed in the ObamaCare bill (either version). Thus, healthcare costs will continue to soar. Why not go after tort reform?  Here’s what John Dingell had to say about that (John Dingell (D-MI): “Healthcare Bill Won’t Fund Abortions.” Associated Press: “Oh Yes It Will!”):

But the truth is this:

And this:
To actually reduce the cost, not just the price, Congress should go after one element that has grown disproportionately faster than any other expense – malpratice cost. Thus malpractice/tort reform out to be front and center in any debate. Of course, that goes against the trial lawyers that fill campaign coffers of Democrats. The other thing that could be done is to increase competition. That is a Democrat talking point, but their follow-through is odd. They want to add a single competitor to the mix, one that by the way also makes the rules for how to compete, much like having referees in a football game actually be part of the competition. Instead, with a simple stroke of the pen, the wall of separation between insurance companies competing across state lines can be dismantled and all of a sudden consumers would have some 1,500 choices nationwide. Neither of these 2 is even being considered by Obama or Congressional Democrats. Here’s Obama adviser Axelrod making that quite clear:

In addition to the above, the government has quashed innovative methods in reducing healthcare costs (Proof #21,349 That The Government Makes Health Care Expensive). Also, here’s Howard Dean: Video: Howard Dean On Healthcare: Tort Reform Not In Healthcare Bill Because We’re Afraid Of Trial Lawyers

Nice, eh? More telling graphics at the above link.