Middlerunning: December 26 (Stories You Probably Aren't Supposed to Read)



  • Son of Nigerian banker apparently tries to blow up Delta’s EHAM -> KDTW.  (419 BLAM?) [reuters]
  • Supposed Delta bomber apparently has al Qaeda ties.  (Explains why he was going to Detroit) [reuters]
  • …and has been known by U.S. officials as a terrorist associate for two years.  (Explains why he was going to Detroit) [AP]
  • As they hit 5%, and when they think no one is listening, Freddie whispers that 30-year rates could climb to 6% in 2010. (Rahm: “No big thing.  Just sayin’ is all.”) [reuters]
  • Vice President of Finance for Koss apparently embezzled $20 million.  (Multi-million dollar clothes and jewelery shopping spree may explain WI retail numbers) [reuters]
  • Obama tells Americans to count their blessings.  (Actually, we saw that movie already, back when it was called Jimmy Carter) [marketwatch
  • Whole Foods Chairman/CEO to become Whole Foods CEO.  (Impartiality partially restored?) [ap/nyt]
  • Berkshire employee count 8.6% lighter since last year.  (Read: “Buffett downgrades United States”) [bloomberg]