Pitchfork Watch: Vigilante Justice Against Banking Interests Rising?

We noted that all the talk of pitchforks and heads on pikes, the folks at Goldman have taken to arming themselves. But until recently, the talk was aggressive, but bodily harm was non-existent, save for an isolated (but very nasty) beating over phony mortgage mod advice.

But that may be changing, per this update from Raw Story (hat tip reader John D). The story reports on a rise in violent crimes overall since the downturn, including domestic violence, so it is too early to say whether these incidents are merely in line with general trends, or signal than banksters are starting to become targets:

A Los Angeles lawyer who had represented a failed subprime mortgage lender is found dead outside his home, having been shot in the head.

Three men allegedly invade the home of a former subprime lender, and are arrested after reportedly injuring three people inside.

Vandals target the home of the former CEO of the Royal Bank of Scotland, smashing windows in the banker’s home and car.

(Turn down the music which is frankly pretty horrid, but this does give a good juxtaposition of scenes from Bertolucci’s 1900. I’m no fan of violence, but you’d be on the side of the peasants after seeing what Donald Sutherland visited on them)