Study: MI population loss costs $4.4Billion, so why is the 2010 budget INCREASING?

Michigan is experiencing a population Exodus of the worst kind, as I have touched on in these prior posts:

The worst kind because the people leaving are the young, productive, skilled workforce that Michigan needs for the future. Those tending not to leave are the unproductive (as per the graphic on the right). That is not to say of course that everyone that stays is unproductive, only that those tending to leave are not the part of teh population that is unproductive. The cost of the exodus has been quantified by a Michigan University Study. From the Detroit Free Press: MSU: Michigan population loss costs $4.4B

A new study says Michigan has lost $1.9 billion in economic output and $2.5 billion in home equity value over three years because of population declines in 63 of its 83 counties.

The report comes from Michigan State University’s Land Policy Institute.

It says Michigan service jobs generated $208 billion in income in 2007, while manufacturing generated $54 billion.

The report says only Michigan and Rhode Island lost people in 2006-08. Michigan lost about 80,000 people and Rhode Island about 2,000.

…According to the estimates, the 63 counties lost about 16,000 jobs as a result of their population drops.

Thus begs the question: if our population is decreasing, jobs are being lost, and tax revenues are down as a result, why is the budget continually  increasing??

2003 Total Budget: $38,546,223,200
2004 Total Budget: $39,236,530,900
2005 Total Budget: $40,224,217,400
2006 Total Budget: $41,672,547,100
2007 Total Budget: $42,791,804,000
2008 Total Budget: $43,827,383,200
2009 Total Budget: $44,500,000,000 (approx)

Funny how liberal math works out sometimes.