Hint To Other Nations: Here's The Bill


Hint To Other Nations: Here’s The Bill

Posted by Karl Denninger

For your coddling of the banker cabal, that is.

Yes, that’s my view.  This sort of bluster and bullshit must not stand:

Dutch Finance Minister Wouter Bos would not be drawn into speculation on steps against Iceland. “But this can’t go on forever. We want our money back. We negotiated reasonably.”

Mr. Bos, go perform an indecent act on yourself.

You, along with the rest of the “western world”, were complicit in and willing partners with the criminal banking cabal that ripped off the entire world with their worthless securities.

You “negotiated” for the right to steal even more after you failed to lock up the banksters for their criminal conduct – for intentional concealment and fraud in their “marketing” of these securities to investors worldwide.

You, just as with those here in Washington DC, were fully complicit in the looting of the public that took place over the last decade and more.

YOUR GOVERNMENT has allowed institutions in your nation (and elsewhere) to claim that “debt is output” and that speculation constitutes GDP.  That’s a willful, knowing lie.

Britain is also weighing in with the following threat:

Myners (the British Financial Services Minister) told the BBC that if Iceland voted against the deal, it would cut itself off from the global financial system and from International Monetary Fund aid for its economy, one of the worst hit by the world bank crisis.

‘The Icelandic people, if they were to reach that conclusion, would effectively be saying that Iceland does not want to be part of the international financial system, that Iceland doesn’t want to have access to multi-national, national and bilateral funding and doesn’t want to be regarded as a safe counter-party with whom to do business,’ Myners said.

Mr. Myners, with all due respect (that is, none), may you be fornicated by a stallion.

“The City” has for literal hundreds of years been the hotbed of bankster corruption, greed and fraud.  Your nation is on record (in The Congressional Record no less!) as having sent bankster “representatives” over to this country shortly after it was formed for the explicit purpose of bribing our Congress into being recaptured after you lost the Revolutionary War!

I, for one, am tired of this game of “captured government” and it appears so is Iceland and its people.

It’s about damn time.

You and your ilk had every ability to stop the fraud and looting over the last several decades.  You could have prevented the blowing of your own property bubble and destruction of your federal budget, along with the insane expansion of leverage and “yield seeking” through fraudulent misrepresentation of risk and leverage but you didn’t do so.  Instead you, like the so-called “government regulators” in The United States, knelt before the banking cartels and performed obscene acts so frequently that you wore out sets of kneepads at a rate that kept Home Depot’s profit margins at a record during the decade of the 2000s.  

Now that the bubble has burst you’re whining that you’re going to have to eat the product of your own cooking and willful blindness.

To that I say: Tough crap.

Start locking up the jackasses who did this to the global economy instead of kneeling before Zod for yet more obscenities.  You know who they are.  Just walk down any of your much-vaunted “streets” in “The City” and where you see a $5,000 suit apply a pair of handcuffs.

If you won’t and don’t I predict that it will not be long before the reaction of the Icelandic people spreads – including to the UK.

Whether the people of your country will give you the opportunity to do the right thing when, not if that sentiment spreads is something you may wish to ponder.