NUCLEAR: Did Goldman Offer To Tear Up AIG CDS?


NUCLEAR: Did Goldman Offer To Tear Up AIG CDS?

Posted by Karl Denninger

Oh oh.

Remember, Blankfein testified in front of the FCIC at 10:12 AM on 1/13 that he never got a request to take less than 100 cents on the dollar for AIG credit default swap contracts.

Well then what’s this that Zerohedge dug up?

As everybody knows, AIG got a huge government bailout in September 2008 to help make payments on derivatives contracts with banks, including Goldman. Yet in the previous month, Goldman approached AIG about “tearing up” its contracts, according to a November 2008 analysis by BlackRock, then an adviser to the New York Fed.


Oh yeah.  Here’s the link to the Zerohedge article, and the paper in question is right here:


Thanks and noted on the tear up stand down.

We should get back with Goldman.  I will talk with Bill.

Date: 10/31/2008 6:57 PM.

Which followed:

Also, I spoke to Manzari this morning.  He asked me to stand down on tearing up / unwinding CDS trades on the CDO portfolio.

That appears to be a smoking gun in that it documents that there was an active negotiation on “tearing up” – that is, unwinding CDS trades at less than 100 cents on the dollar and that negotiation was intentionally terminated.

Will we next be entertained by a discussion of what the word “is” means, or can we take the above at its obvious face value – that GOLDMAN ITSELF APPEARS TO HAVE OFFERED TO TEAR UP THE CDS ON AIG’S PORTFOLIO!

If there indeed was such an offer – as is all but stated here – and if indeed there was an order given to “stand down” on such negotiations then those persons responsible must be summoned to the dock and compelled to provide testimony, as it appears that one or more individuals who have already stated that no such negotiation was possible may have committed perjury, never mind dispensing more than $10 billion of taxpayer money to Goldman Sachs unnecessarily – at best.