One Man's Fight Against The Beast

One Man’s Fight Against The Beast – Every Single Person’s Effort Matters

Last Monday, in the cold and wind, a single fed-up American stood in front of the Goldman Sachs headquarters at 85 Broad Street in New York to tell the world he has had enough.  How long will we stand for the looting of America?  When will Americans say, enough is enough – STOP THE LOOTING AND START PROSECUTING!   When will we get mad enough to stand out in front of the businesses that have created this mess and tell them NO MORE!?  When will we get mad enough to stand up to our government and say, STOP ALLOWING THE LOOTING AND START PROSECUTING?!

In accordance with Mr. Blankfein’s recent proclamation that Goldman Sachs was doing ‘G-d’s work’ ….. his sign reads:

Doing G-d’s Work Since 1896

The Ten Commandments According to Goldman Sachs

1.  Thou shall have no other G-ds before money

2.  Thou shall not make graven images of Goldman

3.  Thou sall not take the name god Lloyd in vain

4.  Remember trading days and keep them holy

5.  Honor they prop desk and they quant

6.  Thou shall kill thy counterparty

7.  Thou shall commit adultery if it seals the deal

8.  Thou shall steal

9.  Thou shall bear false witness on CDOs

10.  Thou shall covet thy neighbors house, wife, servants, ox, donkey, and all that is thy neighbors

That about sums it up.