Tuesday, January 19th, A Seminal Moment


Tuesday, January 19th, A Seminal Moment

Posted by Karl Denninger

Do we get Health Care “reform” that will:

  • Tax you now, provide better health care never?
  • Continue the linkage of health care and your employment, forcing millions of Americans to keep jobs they don’t want and not take jobs they do?
  • Force you to purchase a health policy from a private company, a sop to big business (and a likely unconstitutional mandate)?
  • Fail to keep one of the Democrats’ promises and indeed result in a worse outcome than if we had done nothing at all about the Health Care mess?

If you like this path, and you live in Massachusetts, vote Democrat on Tuesday.

If you reject this path – Democrat or Republican – then you must NOT vote Democrat on Tuesday.

Democrats want a public health care option, for good reason.  If we are going to be forced to have health insurance then we should all be in the same pool.  You, I, Congress and The President.  We should all have skin in the same game.  But The Democrats did not assemble a bill that will provide what they claim they want.  Instead they took bribes and put forward a bill that will in fact destroy both public and privately-funded health care.

Republicans believe this is a broken model.  They’re right – it is.  But they have not put forward a true market model, as I called for in September, nor do they have any intent of addressing the problem either, as they are being bribed too!

The truth is that this bill before the House and Senate will destroy health care in The United States.  It will force you to spend 25% of your pretax income on “insurance” that will cover less than you get now.  Many will opt to pay the fine instead, which will in turn cause the insolvency of the system, at which point the health care providers and insurers will clamor for bailouts just as the banks did when they made unjustified and unrealistic projections based on fraud and lost their bets.

On January 19th, one state in America will choose the path for health care in this nation.  The choice is, unfortunately, not between a good system and a bad system, but rather between forcing the politicians to scrap a catastrophe, leaving what we have now in place in the meantime, or hurtling toward a full-on collapse of private insurance and the best health care in the world.

A vote for Coakley is a vote for that collapse.

Choose – and vote – wisely.