Allegations Of OFFICIAL Corruption In Florida

Allegations Of OFFICIAL Corruption In Florida

Posted by Karl Denninger

If true, this is serious stuff:

This is a foreclosure action filed by WELLS FARGO BANK, NA (the “BANK”). The BANK is represented by Florida Default Law Group, P.L. (“FDLG”). On behalf of the BANK in this case, and on behalf of other clients in other cases, FDLG filed affidavits to establish that the attorneys’ fees it was allegedly paid were reasonable. The affidavits purport to have been executed by Lisa Cullaro, the appointed expert on attorneys’ fees. The notary who allegedly administered the expert’s oath and vouched for her signature was Erin Cullaro, a former employee of FDLG and now an Assistant Attorney General in the Economic Crimes Division of the Office of the Attorney General.

Oh oh.

Read the filings (at the above link); they appear to show evidence of outright fraud – that is, alleged “notarizations” on dates and times where the alleged notary was not present in Florida and thus could not have executed them.

There are additional allegations in this case, of course – bogus assignments, affidavits and other similar games – all illegal.

This case bears watching – if the state is involved in this sort of thing and does not immediately come down on this like a sledgehammer then again one is left to wonder whether the government has become a felon.

The implications of such, if true, are not pretty.