BREAKING: Steny Hoyer, “Members Of Congress Receiving Death Threats” (UPDATED VIDEO)

* I do not in any way condone threatening someone’s life, but here’s a cluephone you moronic, statist, oligarchs in Congress:  YOUR ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES.  You have violated the will, good faith and trust of The People.   Despite President Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s claim to the contrary – you know darn well that the overwhelming majority of people did not want this healthcare monstrosity.  You and those that came before you knew darn well that the vast majority of the People did not want to bailout insolvent banks, or insolvent companies.  We have been robbed, lied to, and ridiculed repeatedly and relentlessly.  DID YOU REALLY THINK WE WOULD JUST LET YOU CONTINUE ALONG THIS PATH WITHOUT RESISTANCE??  Mr. Clyburn, We The People do NOT look to you to ‘provide’ anything except to LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE! 

Here’s another clue:  If you try to ram through Cap & Trade or ‘amnesty’ for ILLEGALS or  more aid for banks disguised as ‘financial reform’, you are merely stoking the simmering anger of the VAST majority of 300 Million People in this Country.  I would think it would be best if you all BACK OFF!  SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!    People WILL reach a breaking point if Congress continues its blatant disrespect of the People.   I don’t want to see any violence – but I’m afraid that is exactly where we are headed if this Administration and Congress does not STOP the statism.  You are NOT kings.  You are not ‘rulers.’  You are supposed to be representatives OF The People.

Oh, and you imbecile, Mr. Clyburn, WE ARE NOT A DEMOCRACY!  WE ARE A REPUBLIC!

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. –Thomas Jefferson

BREAKING: Steny Hoyer, “Members Of Congress Receiving Death Threats” (UPDATED VIDEO)


Shep Smith of FoxNews has just announced that during a briefing, Steny Hoyer stated that members of congress who voted for Obamacare are receiving death threats.  The twitterworld is abuzz, and I am looking for video/audio of this breaking news.

Two items:

  1. What did congressmen expect?
  2. Don’t worry about the ones that actually write in.