It's Over – And Now We Will Have To Answer To Our Children

By Stephanie Jasky

As I listen right now to President Obama gloat about his ‘victory’ of the passage of healthcare ‘reform’ with not an ounce of shame for the bribes, arm twisting, parliamentary tricks and other acts of treason perpetrated upon the American people, I am compelled to make this post.

 Anyone who knows me knows I am not a defeatist.  I’ve been fighting for more than three years to educate people, to wake them up, to make them understand what is happening and the depths of the fraud, collusion and corruption in our government and financial system.  I don’t give up easily and I’m not giving up now.  I can’t give up because I have a son who right now is putting his life on the line in defense of our country.  I will keep fighting because otherwise, he is willing to die for nothing.

 However, I knew from the beginning of this charade what it was really all about – and it was never about healthcare.  The Obama Sweeping Healthcare Reform Bill will pass tomorrow.  We have truly now lost our country.  Make no mistake, and I don’t care who you are, how much you make, or what your party affiliation is:  this will CRUSH you under more debt starting immediately.  This is and always has been a desperately indebted government’s grab for more taxes.  You will get NOTHING – NONE – of the ‘services’ promised to you.  Not a single one.  Mark my words right now and you can feel free to come back to me in the future and rip me up one side and down the other if I am wrong.  The following will begin come Monday morning: 

  1.  Your insurance premiums will go up exponentially (just look at every insurance carrier’s stock chart in the past few days)
  2.  You will INSTANTLY be in a higher tax bracket – and I don’t care what one you are in right now
  3.  Those that actually derive income from previously exempt sources, will suddenly find themselves taxed on them at minimum of a 3% increase
  4.  If you are on Medicare, your benefits will be slashed and your costs will increase
  5.  We will lose, on average, over 60,000 doctors, who will no longer be able to afford to do business
  6.  Doctors will see their malpractice insurance skyrocket (as if it hasn’t already)
  7.  Costs for prescription drugs will go up and more pharmacies will refuse to participate with Medicare

 Not with just a little irony, I note that the left-leaning site, FireDogLake agrees with me on my assessment of the Healthcare Reform Bill.  Funny how those on the left are more willing to believe in government promises of Skittle-crapping unicorns than they are sound analysis of fact by one of their own.  Sad really.

 Not a single thing that Obama and Congress have promised that this Bill will ‘help’  Americans with, will actually ‘help’ ANYONE, except, of course, help the government deeper into your pockets.  I do mean not ANY Americans: Not poor Americans, not middle class Americans and not wealthy Americans.   It is only an attempt to keep our country from defaulting on our debt – which we will do anyway – but not until they’ve robbed every single person of everything he or she owns.  This goes for almost all legislation that will be forthcoming in the next few months.  How many people noticed that Comprehensive Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Legislation was introduced yesterday, by Chuck Schumer?  This too shall pass – theoretically, it makes more people to tax.  We have also not seen the last of Cap & Trade.  It will also be passed.  It will be an even larger tax increase than healthcare, and it is directed specifically at our businesses, small and large.  They will be destroyed, but not after being fleeced with the ‘carbon tax’ scam.

 The worst of all this is that our Children will never forgive us.  We’ve sold them into slavery and we have destroyed their future and their country.  I’ll be able to look my two sons (one of whom proudly serves in the US Army) in the eye and tell them I did everything humanly possible to try to stop this.  Will you be able to say the same?

Kids won’t forgive us for ObamaCare

By Neal Boortz

For The AJC

 The vote on ObamaCare is scheduled for Sunday. If the people of this country allow this monstrosity to become law, it will be a testament to government education; only people educated by government could come to believe that the government could possibly do a better job of delivering health care to the people than a dynamic private sector.

 I firmly believe that if we permit this move toward a complete government takeover of our health care system, future generations of Americans will curse us for our ignorance and inattentiveness.

The Congressional Budget Office came out with its scoring of ObamaCare on Thursday. We’re told that it will only cost $940 billion over the first 10 years. Since you are intelligent enough to be reading this column I’m confident you already know of this chicanery, but I’ll guess that most other Americans don’t know that this figure is essentially a fraud.

Let’s assume that the $940 billion price tag is correct. Fine. But did you know that this only pays for six years of benefits? That’s right. The Democrats were determined to keep the cost under $1 trillion for the first 10 years, so they decided to start collecting the money four years before they would start actually offering benefits. So the actual cost of benefits for every year those benefits are offered comes to about $157 billion a year. Multiply that by 10 to get your true 10-year cost: a cool $1.57 trillion dollars. But wait! (As they say.) There’s more!

You’ve heard of the “Doc Fix” haven’t you? Well here’s how that little goodie works. For years there’s been this federal law that requires a cut in Medicare payments to physicians. Politicians aren’t anxious to cut these payments because they know it will only result in more doctors shutting their doors to Medicare patients.

So every year they pass a bill to keep payments as they are. ObamaCare makes that fix permanent, hence the “Doc Fix.” The cost? Try between $350 billion and $370 billion. The Democrats wanted a permanent Doc Fix, but it’s just too costly. The fix for the Doc Fix? Just pass it as separate legislation. That way it isn’t scored by the CBO with the rest of the ObamaCare package. So, adding in that $350 billion and where do we find ourselves? Let’s try $1.93 trillion. Nudging awfully close to $2 trillion for 10 years, aren’t we?

Allow me to make the situation even worse. What we’re dealing with is cost estimates from the government. Do these estimates ever brush close to reality?

Let’s take a look at Medicare. Medicare was passed in 1966. One year later the Congress told us that Medicare would cost around $9 billion a year by 1990. How close were they? Well, let’s just say they missed it by a factor of about 10. The actual cost was closer to $120 billion. There has never been a government entitlement program that came in at less than twice the original cost estimates.

Finally, let’s deal with the community organizer’s pledge that ObamaCare wouldn’t add “one dime” to our deficit. In fact, he says it’s going to lower the deficit! Yeah, right. With borrowed money.

Just one example and you can go get your chips and dip ready for this afternoon’s episode of March Madness.

ObamaCare will increase Social Security and Medicare taxes immediately. There will also be new taxes — “premiums” they call them — for the new long-term, in-home care provision known as the Class Act. These premiums are supposed to be put into a trust fund to pay future benefits for these programs. Instead, the funds will be “borrowed” and spent to keep the deficit down. Later this money will have to be paid back.

Don’t worry, though. The tab will be presented to your children and grandchildren. If you’re still around, I’m sure they will want to thank you.