Renaissance 2.0

Mr. Damon Vrabel graduated from the United States Military Academy, served as an officer in the US Army, then graduated from Harvard Business School, took a short detour on Wall Street, and had a career in Silicon Valley in several leadership positions in technology corporations. Damon gives his American perspective as writer for the Canada Free Press.I’ve recently started an online video series, Renaissance 2.0, in the hopes of engaging a group dialogue to discuss where we want to head in the future as I believe we’re facing the end of our monetary system, or a serious reset. Will we move into Dark Ages 2.0 or Renaissance 2.0? No doubt many people would want their voice to be heard regarding this question. That’s my hope with this series.

I think it complements Freedom’s Vision well because it makes a solid case for the need for a new system that serves the people–a system that moves us in the direction of Renaissance 2.0 rather than the next Dark Ages.

This effort may lead to something called the Council on Spiritual, Psychological, and Economic Renewal (CSPER), but I have not decided whether to formally pursue that or not. For now I’m moving forward with the videos.

I’ve posted the first 3 chapters. They revisit History, Economics 101, and Civics 101 to correct the myths about the system within which we live today–a monolithic financial empire. My goal with these first 3 is to establish the common baseline from which we can dialogue about the future. Continuing to swing between the establishment right and left, which both take us down the same path, has failed for generations and will continue to fail because both sides are media creations controlled by higher powers, explained in these videos.