The Start Of A Trend?

The Start Of A Trend?

Posted by Karl Denninger

From Western Rifle Shooters Association:

Pistol loaded, openly carried. Rifle unloaded, slung to rear. Bandoleer of magazines containing ammo. All in accordance with rules below. Please note that guidelines below are subject to final coordination with the Department of the Interior:

Participants and attendees are expected to know and abide by all applicable state and federal firearms laws. None of the information provided below is legal advice, and no attorney-client relationship is created by reading or relying upon this information. If you have questions, then you are expected to know the applicable state and federal firearms laws before attending the event.

Anyone prohibited from possessing a firearm by state or federal law may not possess a firearm at this event.

Participants and attendees may not bring any firearm prohibited by state or federal law.

This is a lawful muster and protest to be, apparently, carried out on Federal land.

This is the first I’ve seen of this type, and as a peaceful and lawful protest – an expression of individual rights and a peaceful demand that our government recognize our rights and enforce existing laws – including the existing laws that forbade the sort of fraudulent conduct in out financial markets that not only led to the collapse of 2008, but continues today – it is a good thing.  While I am not involved in this protest personally (I don’t belong to the group involved) it goes right to the heart of the matter – the peaceful and lawful exercise of our first and second amendment rights.

Opportunities still exist for our nation to do the right thing.  To investigate and put a stop to the fraud in our financial markets.  To force those hiding losses to admit to them and eat them – even if it drives them out of business.  To allow the housing market to correct to the point that average Americans can afford to own homes again.

To, as I have said repeatedly: