Blast from the Past: A Year Ago People Knew The Evils of Goldman Sachs


In light of the SEC FINALLY filing suit against Goldman Sachs, I’d like to point out that there were many of us out here screaming for government and regulators to wake up and see the crimes of Goldman Sachs – not the least of which is the entire take-over of the US Treasury. 

Goldman Sachs has robbed this country (we the taxpayers) blind with the complicity and aid of our own government.  George Bush, Hank Paulson, Barack Obama, Timothy Geithner – all either part of or owned by Goldman Sachs.  We have video of testimony of Paulson and Geithner right here on this website that should be sufficient to convict them.  They’ve been caught on video lying and perguring themselves for over three years!

If we have a hope at all of surviving this mess with our Republic in tact every single one of these people needs to be tried for treason and sedition.  Every single person that aided this theft and fraud also needs to be put on trial.  And all need to suffer the consequences of conviction and that is not limited to merely jail time (or worse) but restitution to the American people must be made!