Decoding Tim Geithner’s Interview on NBC


Decoding Tim Geithner’s Interview on NBC

 By Damon Vrabel 

Yesterday on NBC’s Today Show, Timothy Geithner said it’s “deeply unfair” that Wall Street is doing wonderfully while millions of Americans are still in economic misery.  Really?  Of course he’s 100% correct, but he doesn’t believe it himself.  He is the chief enforcer of the unfair policies.  Along with his predecessors, he was a key architect of the plan to transfer trillions in notional wealth from Americans and their future generations to the Wall Street elite (do you get it yet?  Democrats and Republicans don’t matter—we are run by Wall Street). 

So why did he say it?  To mellow out the masses who know they are getting screwed and make enough of them think the government cares.  It’s the classic tactic of telling people what they want to hear while doing the exact opposite.  Presidential candidates from both political parties regularly tell the voters things to connect emotionally during elections but then do the opposite in office.  In fact connecting Americans emotionally with Geithner was the purpose of the NBC stage show.  Lauer maintained his scripted, corporate façade designed to ooze tender love for Americans so through him they would connect with Geithner, who otherwise could not connect with anybody except the elite financiers he serves. 

He also said “People were paid for taking enormous risks. It was a crazy way to run a financial system…It’s the government’s job…to do a better job of restraining that kind of risk-taking.”  He should know.  He and fellow CFR members Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, and Hank Paulson WERE the government that allowed the “enormous risks” and ran things in the “crazy way” he claims he now wants to avoid.  He was in key positions at Treasury, the CFR, and the NY Fed, which is just the Wall Street cartel’s planning committee.  He knew exactly what was happening.  This is why he was in those positions in the first place.  He has been associated with global banking interests for a long time.  He’s “in the club.”  People who would truly serve the public—Elizabeth Warren, William Black, Eliot Spitzer, Janet Tavakoli, Harry Markopolis, Brooksley Born—do not get those positions. 

When Geithner says “people were paid for taking enormous risks” he is trying to reinforce the fiction that the crash of 2008 was a simple result of individual Wall Streeters taking too many risks.  But those are just the MBAs and street smart traders running the horse race in return for a paycheck.  Any time the collective actions of those people are in lockstep, the key is to look at the people paying the checks and governing the race, not the individuals who somehow randomly all did the same thing.  Geithner does not want you to focus on the strategic controllers, including himself, because they obviously wanted the bubble and subsequent crash to happen.  It was a strategic move in a massive chess game, and the government’s playbook to respond was planned before the crash itself and written by the Wall Street controllers who set it up.  They are squeezing the people, the states, small businesses and banks, and building up the key controlling institutions the empire needs to continue its global growth plans while maintaining control of the American population.  Blaming the horses running the race is a deflection. 

We do not live in a free market but rather a top-down empire

Most incredibly Geithner said it was necessary to save the banks in order to save the economy. This is powerful proof that we do not live in a free market but rather a top-down empire.  This is the “too big to fail” doctrine, which is nothing but a sophisticated ruse to justify stripping wealth from the population to prop up the empire’s controlling institutions.  If a handful of smart guys run everything in the largest economy in the world and have the power to transfer trillions from 308,000,000 citizens to debt lords and gamblers on Wall Street to “save the economy,” then we live in a financial dictatorship.  And if we believe they SHOULD have that power, then we have voluntarily surrendered the US to that dictatorship. Stop believing the freedom propaganda. 

Moreover, Geithner’s statement is either a demonstration of 1) academic fundamentalism as he is so deep in the false religion of neoclassical economics that he can’t see the truth, or 2) pure spin to hide the real intent behind the bailouts and the empire for which he works.  I have previously described the 10 key flaws of neoclassical economics, but the primary one is that we live in a monolithic, macroeconomic monopoly under the Federal Reserve.  We do not live in a free market.  The second one is that all of our money is nothing but debt.  It all comes from the bond market.  American citizens have zero money if we are collectively debt-free.  So the real way to save the economy would be to issue real money from the US Treasury rather than going deeper in debt to the Fed.

Geithner may simply be ignorant of this because he is a leading neoclassical economist, which means his career depends upon narrowly looking at the world through a flawed, fraudulent lens.  But my hunch would be that he knows it.  Again, the reason he has the job in the first place is because the Wall Street powers know that he will NOT do this, the right thing for Americans and the country.  Instead he will take orders from those who are trying to expand the empire globally.  Who are they?  John Perkins labels them the corporatocracy.  More accurately, they are the few super-rich who are able to control the largest debt positions, and therefore have the most leverage over our debt-based monetary system.  These are the individuals reaping the biggest benefit from all the bailouts and related programs.  The Wall Street firms are just front organizations where the servants of these key people work.  Bailout money gets funneled through the firms so the public gets mad at them, and then it lands in the pockets of the debt owners who walk away unscathed. 

His words were entirely deceptive—straight out of Orwell’s 1984

So yesterday’s inteview with the Treasury Secretary was quite informative if you match it up with the actual money flows to see the Machiavellian power play.  His words were entirely deceptive—straight out of Orwell’s 1984.  A brilliant example can also be seen in The Godfather.  Michael Corleone’s ability to use duplicity to maintain power and keep people on his side is unmatched.  He vowed to renounce violence while his assassins were in the process of murdering all of his opponents.  He lovingly embraced his wife as he lied to her about killing his brother.  He told a congressional panel that he was a dutiful servant of the country.  Geithner copied this one perfectly several months ago during a CNBC townhall meeting.  He completely avoided a good question that pointed out the conflicts of interest among the Wall Street / Treasury crowd by claiming he and his buddy Paulson were just humble, meager public servants.  I’m shocked he didn’t crack up in the midst of that statement.  No doubt he and Hank had a good laugh later on the telephone.  But America will soon not be laughing as the next wave down in our debt deflation occurs and the government cracks down on the people who finally realize they have been lied to. 

How do we truly save the economy, as Geithner claims he is doing, and save the country from the financial mafia? Simple.  As mentioned above, the Treasury needs to issue real money, and then put endless pressure on politicians to hire the people I listed who would serve the public.  If we do not do that, then again Americans will have voluntarily surrendered to a financial dictatorship, which will mean David Rockefeller was right that we do not deserve self-government when he said “The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”  I am starting to accept that he may be right.