Review: The Demise of America


Review of  The Demise of America by Donald David Durrett

By Karl Denninger

I can’t find a link on Amazon for it; this piece appears to be “freely available” off the author’s web page.

The front of the book – really, the first 165 pages – read like a chronicle of The Ticker, along with a handful of others who “get it” in terms of how we got here as a nation.  Too much debt, pulled-forward demand, an insatiable demand for “me me me mine mine mine goddamnit even if I have to steal it from you!” and the outrageously corrupt government apparatus that has given this cover, concealment and active encouragement, along with the theft, both direct and intergenerational, necessary to support it thus far.

But then I believe Don falls down. 

Don believes in the underlying spiritual good of people, and a Star Trek type of utopia breaking upon the scene in roughly 2015.

Sadly, I do not ascribe to this, and I back my view with 5,000 years of recorded human history.

Spiritual awakening?  I think it’s far more likely we’ll have an awakening all right – of the sort in the Daisy ad.  Canned sunshine is more likely than spiritual sunshine, sad to say. 

Man’s history on this planet is one of hatred, derision, rape, murder and theft.  When Europeans came to America we didn’t just shoot the native that were here (that would at least be a somewhat-fair fight since they could shoot back – even if only originally with bows), oh no, we gave them smallpox-laced blankets – intentionally.  That’s not taught in government schools, but it is nonetheless fact.

The only way I believe we can find that “spiritual awakening” is if we burn some witches first – real witches, of the sort that brewed up the toxic and corrupt stew that has infested our society.  I am speaking specifically of those who have raped, pillaged and destroyed our economic and political landscape.  That sort of “change” doesn’t come with hope, it comes with rage – earned, appropriate and virtuous rage.  When corralled appropriately it channels through the criminal justice system.  When that system makes itself intentionally unavailable perform its duty the outlet is often far less appropriate but no less effective.

The spiritualist doesn’t like this approach, of course, because it is inherently the opposite of the “can’t we all get along” meme.  But the fact of the matter is that we can’t all get along so long as there are subsets of our population that are allowed to act as locusts, eating everything in their path and consuming all those who do not go along with their plans.  Such is what our “financial system” has become, and it has entwined our political system inside of it.

Indeed, the very premise of a “primary dealer network” is inimical to solutions.  These people have managed to guarantee themselves the ability to arbitrage the sale of government debt for their own personal profit, and by doing so have inexorably tied themselves to the government’s hip. 

Do you really think economic and societal collapse will serve as a set of divorce papers? 

I sincerely doubt it.

It is far more likely, in my opinion, that as in the past when the stressors get too large and the people begin to rise (and rise they will when gas goes to $10/gallon if you can find it at all, food distribution is strained or even collapses, and nations around the world are forced to withdraw their “social spending” that they cannot fund) the usual means of solving these problems will present itself: an inexorable grab for resources via force of arms.

I don’t know who will start it, but I do know that 5,000 years of human history says that this is the path that will be taken.

Indeed, the only way I see this sort of future being avoided is if we all collapse at once, so that the command and control hierarchy collapses as well, along with the military power controlled by same across nations

I wish there was a good solution to these problems, but as Hypocronance points out that solution would require that a large group of people – probably here in the United States, since we’re pretty much the only nation with both the population and resource necessary to bring such a change to effect – were to rise and demand an end to bailouts, an end to exemptions under the law, and punishment for all previous and future crimes of this sort, no matter who committed them, along with an immediate and permanent re-alignment of the government funding and spending system so that no person was without a tax burden and thus could not vote themselves largesse at the Federal Teat.

That’s about as likely as Jesus showing up tomorrow.

As such I have more modest hopes.

That is, I believe we could demand and enforce that our borders be closed and all illegal aliens be deported.  Yes, they’ll scream.  So what?  We have lots of Americans out of work.  We can solve that problem tomorrow by making clear that nobody who is here illegally will be working in this nation, nor will they receive one dime of public support of any sort.

We could demand the repeal of the 16th Amendment and imposition of The Fair Tax, thereby getting rid of the ability to “vote for money”, as well as, at the same time, turning America into a tax haven for corporations, resulting in millions of high-paying corporate jobs coming to this country.

And we could demand that every bank executive involved in the frauds of the last 20 years go to prison, without exception, and for those federal employees involved in same where we can’t prosecute them we can eject them from their jobs and bar them for life from any public service position – or any public pension or benefit.

Would that prevent the collapse?  Not entirely, but it sure would blunt it.  Our GDP would adjust downward by perhaps 20%, but not for long – it would soon start growing like crazy with the incoming tax haven businesses and the increased capital investment that The Fair Tax would bring.  With the illegals either gone or leaving (lest they be removed by force) Americans would get the newly-created jobs – all of them.  Scratch one unemployment problem.

But for this to happen Americans must rise.  We must call and hold general strikes, and mean it.

We must refuse to yield to promises and political claptrap, becoming united in one purpose – either enact the three points above or we will not work and as such we will not create GDP nor will we pay taxes, and we will not accept promises of action in the future – we instead strike, and remain on strike, until we get results NOW.

Such a movement would be a perfectly legal means of enforcing the people’s will and solving the problems we face as a nation.

Sadly, I have no belief that we, the people, have the will to make it happen.