Greek Dog Squeeze Now Accepted At ECB


Greek Dog Squeeze Now Accepted At ECB

Posted by Karl Denninger


May 3 (Bloomberg) — The European Central Bank joined the international rescue of Greece, saying it would indefinitely accept the country’s debt as collateral regardless of its country’s credit rating, underpinning gains in the bond market.

For the uninitiated this means that the ECB will accept DEFAULTED Greek debt instruments, should it come to that.

More bluntly, if Papandreou’s dog drops a deuce in a box and he presents it to the ECB claiming that it’s worth $10 billion, the ECB will in fact issue $10 billion in real, honest-to-God Euros against that box – no matter how badly it smells.

That prompted Christoph Rieger, co-head of fixed-income strategy at Commerzbank AG in Frankfurt, to say today’s announcement “leaves a sour taste with regards to the ECB’s long-term credibility.”

The ECB has no credibility to lose at this point as it has now documented that the Euro is worth nothing at all as a currency, since it may be debased at will by Greece through the offering of worthless debt instruments into the ECB’s clearing and margining system.

The Euro is now free to descend toward zero, targeting in the intermediate term my Par price-point .vs. the dollar, and likely headed for well below that.

Congratulations Europe, you have now demonstrated that your central bank is and has been issuing dog turds disguised as Euro bank notes.

If Germany has an ounce of sense they will withdraw from the Euro and return to the Deutche Mark post-haste.