The Greeks Have Had It (Warning: Not For Kids)


The Greeks Have Had It (Warning: Not For Kids)

Posted by Karl Denninger

Bail out the bankers and screw the population, eh?

The Greeks say no.  And they’re saying no with violence: there are now reports that banks are on fire, and three person have been killed – in a burning bank.

I haven’t and won’t advocate violent – except self-inflicted harm, of course, which is perfectly legal.  I believe the banksters who were responsible for this should choose between this:

And this:

Of course I don’t expect them to choose either, as Seppuku by any form requires honor, and that’s something that none of these pukes have.

Let me be clear: Greece’s problems didn’t just appear, and neither did those of the rest of the European States, with Spain, Portugal and even perhaps Britain not far behind Greece.  It takes both a drug pusher and drug consumer to have a flow of drugs, and as such the overconsumption of credit, the binging on “gimme that now, even though I can’t afford it”, requires both financial terrorists in the form of banksters and consumers of those “financial innovations” who are either too greedy or too ignorant to know what they’re doing.

Nonetheless, the greedy and ignorant have been punished, losing jobs and homes, along with plenty of collateral damage inflicted on those who did nothing wrong.

The banksters, on the other hand, have been bailed out and in doing so they have effectively stuck a gun up the nose of the American People, extorting the money that they required to avoid recognition of their own insolvency (for the moment anyway) by causing even more damage.

Men and women with consciences – that is, those who are not psychopaths – could not and would not do such things.

Now the people, at least to a small degree, are sending a warning in Greece: you’ve gone too far.  If the governments back off and force the banksters to eat their own cooking, then so much the better – yes, there will be pain, including pain for the population, but the banksters will get nailed too.

If, however, the banksters and their government enablers continue to push, there is risk of not just a few banks burning in Greece but all-out civil war.

It is often said that Americans will do the right thing – after we’ve exhausted all other options. 

Perhaps the same will occur in Europe.