Calling Out Mr. Ratigan


Frankly, I’m stunned:

On Friday’s Dylan Ratigan show on MSNBC, host Dylan Ratigan reported on Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann attempting to form a congressional tea party caucus and proceeded to rant: “…the tea partiers were nowhere when it came to ending the mass extraction in Wall Street, so I think they’re actually full of crap.”

Have you gone senile Mr. Ratigan?

I truly have to ask if you’re either mentally deficient, have lost you mind, or if you were intentionally lying to people on TV yesterday.


Because of this:

That’s Guy Adami, who along with you used to be CNBS FAST MONEY hosts.  What’s he doing?  Having a conversation with the original “Tea Party” protesters who showed up in NY right outside your own damn studio after Bear Stearns failed.

April 25th, 2008.

Then there is this video – professionally produced and which was handed out by the hundreds in Washington DC in the summer of 2008 in DVD format – and which I hand-delivered to Ridge and Keating at the “campaign rally” for McCain – which I personally paid the “entry donation” for out of my own pocket (as a citizen, NOT with corporate, “Cuda”, or “Ticker” funds.)

FedUpUSA and myself were two of the original Tea Partiers.  Indeed, my Ticker asking people to send a TEA BAG to Congress to go along with President Obama’s inauguration on January 20th of 2009 is a historical FACT and precedes Rick Santelli’s “scream.”

I will not argue that there hasn’t been an attempt to co-opt the Tea Party concept by various political factions, including a fair number of “nutters” who would like to see the “literal end of the world” – there has.  However, I’m willing to bet that Mr. Stack, or, for that matter Mr. Dahlmer, were both members of one of the “mainstream” political parties.

Is Mr. Ratigan going to call that party a “group of cannibals” because Mr. Dahlmer voted that way and supported one of them?  I suspect not.

Mr. Ratigan, you owe those of us who have been tirelessly, day by day calling out the corruption and BS since this entire mess began in 2007 a formal apology.  Who have been on the front lines with protests in Washington DC (including one with a toilet held in front of the Canon House Office Building for deposits of “collateral” to The Fed), protests in NY, professionally produced and distributed videos and literally thousands of articles written and posted in an attempt to call out and STOP the corruption in our financial and political systems.

As luck would have it I will be in the general vicinity of Washington DC all this coming week.  If you’re willing to have an on-air discussion with one of the actual people who has been fighting to stop this scam for the last three years on-air, have your producers contact me. 

I’d love to set the record straight. — Karl Denninger The Market-Ticker

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And I’ll second that.  Mr. Ratigan, I invite you to contact me and allow me to set the record straight.  Back in 2008 no one wanted to listen to the truth about the financial crisis.  We were all labeled nuts and ‘doomers’ – it’s been three long years of protesting and educating the public and about the corruption, fraud and stealing going on in our government and financial system.  The Tea Parties were STARTED because of the financial crisis well before most people were ever aware there was a problem.  It is a bald-faced lie to claim the Tea Parties don’t care about the financial corruption or that we are on the ‘side of the bankers and the wealthy.’  Quite frankly, that’s also a naive and ignorant way to classify the wrong-doers.  The ‘enemy’ is niether the wealthy nor the bankers, the enemy are those that are above the law because our government has chosen to forego equal protection under the law and make some institutions, corporations, and individuals more equal than others.  Criminals are criminals, no matter what their station, position or profession.

Even Wikipedia got it mostly right (except the date of our first Tea Party was April 25, 2008):

On January 19, 2009, Graham Makohoniuk, a part-time trader and a member of Ticker Forum, posted a casual invitation on the market-ticker.org forums to “Mail a tea bag to congress and to senate“.[26] The idea quickly caught on with others on the forum, some of whom reported being attracted to the inexpensive, easy way to reach “everyone that voted for the bailout.”[27]

Forum moderator, Stephanie Jasky helped organize the group and worked to “get it to go viral.”[28] Jasky is also the founder and director of FedUpUSA – a fiscally conservative, non-partisan activist group whose members describe themselves as “a group of investors” who sprung out of the market-ticker.org forums.[29] The group had previously held DC protests in 2008.[30][31] On January 19, 2009, Jasky had posted a formal invitation “to a commemorative tea party.”[32] She suggested they all send tea bags on the same day (February 1, 2009) in a coordinated effort.[28]

The founder of market-ticker.org, Karl Denninger (stock trader and former CEO),[33] published his own write-up on the proposed protest, titled “Tea Party February 1st?,” which was posted in direct response to President Obama’s inauguration occurring on the same day, and railed against the bailouts, the US national debt and “the fraud and abuse in our banking and financial system” which included the predatory lending practices currently at the center of the home mortgage foreclosure crisis.[34] Karl Denninger, who helped form FedUpUSA in the wake of the March 2008 Federal Reserve bail out of Bear Sterns, had been a guest on both Glenn Beck and CNBC Reports.[35][36] By February 1, the idea had spread among conservative and libertarian-oriented blogs, forums, websites and through a viral email campaign.[37]

But apparently Mr. Ratigan can’t be bothered with even the simplest form of investigative journalism.  What else have you gotten wrong Dylan?  By propagating such false nonsense, you only serve to undermine your credibility.  You’d think someone who appears to be interested in stopping the criminality would want to reach out and work with people of like-minds not, attempt to tear them down with erroneous accusations.  Very disappointing, since I had often featured your videos here on FedUpUSA but from now on, unless you set the record straight, FedUpUSA readers won’t be seeing you on this site anymore.

Stephanie Jasky – Founder, Director FedUpUSA