Chuck Schumer: We Have To Extend Unemployment Past 99 Weeks


From an article in the HuffingtonPost today:

After Senate Democrats broke a 50-day filibuster and restored unemployment benefits to the long-term jobless, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) vowed to do more.

“There are a number of people who have maxed out, they’ve been looking and looking for work and haven’t found it, and there is a separate act that would extend the unemployment benefits to them,” Schumer told New York’s WENY-TV. “Extending this was really important. There are some people who go beyond the 99 weeks and we’re going to try to do that next.”

Last year, Congress enacted several pieces of legislation that ultimately gave the unemployed in some states 99 weeks of benefits. With nearly 15 million unemployed competing for just three million jobs available, 99 weeks isn’t enough time for some people to find work. Hundreds of thousands had already joined the ranks of the “99ers” in April. The Washington Post reported recently that the total had reached 1.4 million.

While it is admittedly extremely hard to get a job these days, exactly when is the point at which this ceases being unemployment and merely becomes ‘permanent welfare’ – the 49% of the people in this country working to support the other 51%?  It’s already more lucrative to stay on unemployment rather than take a minimum wage job.  How long before the 49% say, ‘I’m done with supporting all these other people’ and they decide to just stop working?

Unemployment was designed to temporarily be a bridge between jobs.  It has now become a crutch.  Since the government has shown absolutely no intention of discontinuing continual financial support of failed and insolvent institutions and a complete lack of desire to prosecute the fraud and corruption, there certainly isn’t going to be any creation of new jobs.  So, I guess the answer is to pay people not to work, since the government is hell-bent on destroying any inkling of entrepreneurship that might remain in this country – and with it, the promise of any new job creation.

Woe to you that continue to slave at your job to support others….apparently, indefinitely.  Just remember who’s at fault here:

  • The government incentivized outsourcing, which not only resulted in a loss of jobs but also resulted in the lowering of wages because of global wage arbitrage
  • The government allowed financial institutions to gamble with your money by caving to bank lobbyists who convinced  Congress to remov all leverage limits
  • The government looked the other way while these banks designed fraudulent financial instruments and sold them to every unsuspecting entity they could find, including private and public pension funds and retirement accounts – these iinstruments drove the housing bubble that made consumers think their house was worth far more than it ever was in real terms, and also put home prices out of the reach of the average wage -earner (refer to 1st bullet-point); so, wages were going down while home prices went up
  • When everything blew up in the financial institution’s faces, instead of prosecuting the fraud and corruption, they took American’s tax dollars and made YOU liable for their fraud
  • To add insult to injury, government then passed ‘healthcare’ reform, and buried inside the more than 2,000 page document, was a mandate that this reform be administered by the IRS, and what was purported to bring the cost of healthcare down, will increase the cost of healthcare and decrease options and quality – but in the meantime, it’s just a great big new tax across the board (and yes, this means you too – you low-income earners)
  • Then government passed another bill in excess of 2,000 pages in the name of ‘financial reform’ – yet this bill punishes no one for wrong doing, but instead places even more authority into the hands of the same regulators that willfully looked the other way when the banking institutions were peddling their fraudulent investment vehicles
  • Soon, government will contemplate Cap & Trade, which was designed so that the same banks that sold fraudulent financial products can soon sell the ‘rights’ to pollute by trading carbon credits, which carbon credits are deemed ‘imperative to save the planet from global warming,’ which is based on a scientific model that has been proven to be….fraudulent….without so much as a formal investigation by Congress.  The result of Cap & Trade will be more restrictions, restraints and taxes on all businesses (well except for the chosen few who will have lobbyists lining the pockets of Congress).  The result of all this will be exactly the same as what happened to housing prices: ‘energy prices will necessarily skyrocket’ — Barack Obama
  • So, having destroyed the real economy, and with plans in place to decimate what is left of it, Congress must now must redistribute the wealth of those, who by some miracle still have a job, to those who do not, in order to avoid the mass riots that surely would have occurred by now if not for the promise of indefinite government hand-outs

Welcome to the new America.  FedUp yet?