Forget what Timothy Geithner thinks. We want Elizabeth Warren to police Wall Street.


Huffington Post published an explosive story Thursday night reporting that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is trying to block President Obama from appointing one of the best consumer watchdogs in the nation to lead the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau created by Congress to rein in Wall Street. 1

As chair of the bailout oversight panel, Elizabeth Warren held Wall Street executives’ feet to the fire and proved time and time again that she was not afraid to speak out.

Geithner is a Wall Street insider with long and deep ties to the financial industry. It’s outrageous that he would try to sabotage the nomination of Warren, a respected Harvard professor who came up with the idea of establishing a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in the first place. It’s clear from his handling of the financial crisis that Geithner is more concerned with protecting his friends on Wall Street than standing up for consumers.

Many Americans are already wary of Geithner because of his handling of the financial crisis. Now many of us are outraged at his latest action. We can mount a public pressure campaign and win this fight but we need your help.

Our allies at the PCCC launched a campaign this morning supporting Elizabeth Warren. They’ve already started to turn the media narrative around and demonstrate that Americans want a real watchdog in charge of Wall Street regulation. If we can get thousands of petition signatures today we can counter Geithner’s attempts to block her appointment.

If we fight back now we can make a difference. Help us create overwhelming momentum for Elizabeth Warren.


Note:  I think FedUpUSA readers have seen enough evidence over the past two and a half years that proves beyond all doubt that Timothy Geithner is a criminal – from not paying his taxes to his role in the AIG/Goldman Sachs backdoor bailouts.  Don’t let him have the last say.  Elizabeth Warren is a woman of integrity.  She’s proven time and time again she will stand up for transparency and honesty in accounting for the taxpayers.   She has also been willing to stand up to Congress and fight.  Please help put her in some position of power where she can no longer be ignored.