Ill-Noise Is Broke But Gives 14% Raises?


No, really.

Springfield, Ill. – More than 40,000 unionized state workers got a pay raise last Thursday, bringing to 7 percent the amount they’re gotten since last year. These same state employees are in line for another 7 percent by next July 1st, all at a cost of a half-billion tax dollars a year.

May I ask when the citizens of the State of Illinois decide they’re not going to pay – period?

May I ask when the citizens of the State of Illinois decide that all public-sector unions shall be de-certified and barred from the state?

Oh, they can’t do that, right?


You sure?

How will the State compel those citizens to go to work? 

See, the citizens have the absolute right to strike.  To refuse to work.  To refuse to pay bills, including to The State.  To, simply put, refuse.

There is no law that says you can be compelled to labor. 

And whether these unions like it or not, whether these corrupt and evil politicians like it or not, without tax revenues the state cannot pay them irrespective of any so-called “demand” or “obligation” to do so.

So here’s my answer to this sort of crap: GO ON STRIKE.

The unions think it’s just fine to do such a thing.

So, America, for the 49.5% of you, when you reach between your legs, do you feel two round things down there?  Is that a wee little sausage down there too, or do you find things that clang like church bells and a big hairy stick?

For the other 50.5% of the population, yours are not so visible, but they’re just as important.  Do you have shriveled up raisins in there or a big honking pair of estrogen-producing ovaries?  Is that a uterus in your belly or is it is a vestigal ornament to claimed womanhood?

YOU, the citizens, are the final arbitrator of government’s propriety and profligacy. 

YOU, the citizens, hold the final veto.


YOU, the citizens, may express that veto in peaceful and lawful refusal to fund the insanity of these institutions and scammers any time you decide you’ve had enough.

That is, if you actually have a pair of balls.

So far, all I see are raisins.

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