Fraud Upon The Court: Finally


Hoh hoh hoh

Pocopanni Order Dismissing With Prejudice

You have to love this….

WaMu/JPM tried to evict someone (foreclose) when they not only didn’t own the mortgage at the time, they NEVER owned it!

The Judge got pissed, and well, go ahead and read the rest.  Note that it appears that the lawyers in the case knowingly filed false pleadings.  That is, they didn’t make a mistake, they intentionally misled the court – and got caught.

Now if she had just sanctioned those jackals……..

Incidentally, this leads to another question, and this one is kinda ugly:

Have we had BANKS that have taken title to homes in this fashion when they never owned the note, and thus they now have literally stolen via fraudulent legal process property that actually belongs to someone else?

That’s an interesting question, isn’t it?

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