Just Counterfeit Documents… No, Really!


In an absolutely stunning display that has apparently become endemic in our “foreclosure” process we now see what the banks are willing to do in order to get what they want – counterfeit court process!

100622_Jeffs_Order on Motion to Quash Service of Process

Note the salient portion of this, which is clear on its face:

That’s right – when the banks cannot manage to produce documents that show you were properly served (because you weren’t) or when they can’t produce a note they actually destroyed on purpose, they simply counterfeit something and present that to the court instead.

Yet we are expected to obey the law and meet our obligations, from paying our debts to paying our taxes to deferring to alleged authority and law, even when that alleged authority obtains what it gets by defrauding courts and people……

What’s wrong with this picture?

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