KaBOOM! Here We Go (Mortage Fraud Referred to Federal Prosecutor)


Well well well…

REFERRAL OF CHASE HOME MORTGAGE AND MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS, INC. TO FEDERAL PROSECUTOR: Secretary Brunner, in two letters dated Aug. 11, 2010 and Sept. 1, 2010, referred matters of alleged notary abuse in thousands of home mortgage foreclosures by Chase Home Mortgage and the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. to U.S. District Attorney Steven Dettelbach in Cleveland

NOW the game is afoot.

Note that MERS was referred.

They go, this entire shitpile collapses on the heads of the banks and the entirety of this mess is FINALLY unraveled.

More than three years after I started screaming about this on The Market Ticker, we’re getting to the point of critical mass.

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