Remembering 9/11


How many of us don’t remember exactly what we were doing?

I woke up and turned on the television in my bedroom, preparing to start my day.  The north tower was on fire, and I thought “Oh crap, what a horrible accident.”

While I listened to the TV people prattling on and the growing collection of firefighters and other emergency personnel around the tower, the second plane came screaming toward the South Tower in the infamous frame that we have all replayed thousands of times in our mind…


And, of course, the rest.

For nine years we have heard of conspiracies and other things I place firmly in the category of “nutters.”  That we still have these debates nearly ten years later is a disgrace and an indictment of every public school system in this nation for the last fifty years.  In short, if you have any sort of grounding in science at all, along with a working pair of eyeballs, you both know that a plane hit each of the buildings, they were set on fire by the enormous amount of kerosene contained in each aircraft, and the structural steel failed as a consequence.

Yes, I’ve heard the claims – that “thermite” was used, that there were charges, etc.  Again, basic science says this is utter crap.  First, both buildings failed originally right at the point of the fire.  This is clearly visible in the video images.  Second, it would essentially be impossible to know in advance, within a couple of floors, where those planes would hit, and in fact the impacts were not precise at all – one was much higher than the other.  Third, the amount of demolition material (irrespective of the type) to do this and the interconnection and firing mechanisms necessary to coordinate it (you’ve all seen controlled demolitions, right?) would have required months of work, all of which had to happen without one person who worked there in the tower becoming suspicious about columns being scraped clean of insulation, insane amounts of noise generated by the mechanical abrasion necessary, radical intrusion into the working spaces of the towers and their offices, and other similar acts.  Finally, such a coordinated action would have required the involvement of hundreds if not thousands of individuals from the provision of the supplies to the mechanical preparatory work involved to the actual operation, and none of them – not one – could defect.

I’m supposed to believe this? 

I’m particularly supposed to believe this while the President of the United States cannot hide and prevent coming to the public’s knowledge one semen-stained dress?

These “theories” are bereft of fact or reason.  They are the product of nutcases.  To repeat or give them time and credence is to spit on the graves of the 3,000 men and women – American Citizens – who perished at the hand of Islamic Terrorists on 9/11/01.

Speaking of which, we must never forget, nor allow to be wiped from the public discussion, that these were ISLAMIC TERRORISTS.

These were not “random people” who were pissed off and decided to attack America.  This was a highly-coordinated and executed military operation, exactly as was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  Those who claim we have no “identified enemy” in this regard are not mistaken, they are liars.

And exactly as occurred on December 7th, 1941, we were caught flat-footed.  On December 7th the US Military saw the incoming planes on a new technology that at the time had not yet been perfected – radar.  The incoming flight of bombers was reported up the chain of command.  These are historical facts, and no amount of spin changes them.  Just as on 9/11, our military chain of command and our civilian government made mistakes.  We did not sound the alarm on December 7th, and if we had we would have been prepared to meet force with force.  The Arizona might not be on the bottom of Pearl Harbor and many Americans might have survived that, in fact, died that day.

There is no way, of course, to know what the change in outcome would have been on December 7th, just as there is no way to know what the change in outcome would have been on 9/11. 

What we do know, however, is that Americans, when they quit the nutter crap and decide they’ve had enough, have what it takes.  United Flight 93 is proof of this – 33 passengers, Americans, made the decision mid-air to not permit their aircraft to be used as a flying bomb to attack what was (at the time) an unknown target on the ground.  They decided that they would either retake the aircraft from the hijackers or die trying.  They died, and America owes each and every one of them full military honors for their acts of bravery that day, as the intended target of that plane was apparently either the Capitol or the White House.

There are also those who claim that a “missile” hit the Pentagon.  This too is nonsense. 

Literal thousands of people saw a large civilian aircraft ram the building.

We also know that there were apparently more aircraft intended to hit buildings that day.  They failed to get off the ground due to weather.  This puts yet another stake in the heart of those who claim some grand conspiracy, in that one of the first reactions from the Administration and the FAA, once it became clear that we were under attack when the second plane went into the WTC, was to issue a “ground stop” on the entire aviation system under SCATANA, the then-existing national security structure for civilian air traffic.  But for that act the number of impacts on their intended target would have been higher than three, and the death toll would have been higher as well.

Today we pay our respects to those who died, and those who loved or knew those who died. I knew people who met God that day, and I also know someone who missed being killed by literal hours, having been in one of the towers on the impact floor the evening before the attack.

But today we should also cast from our circle of friends, acquaintances and associates those who persist in the ridiculous and unsupportable assertion that the towers were “detonated”, that the Pentagon was hit not with a plane but rather a missile, and other similar acts of idiocy.  Each and every one of those people is a disgrace to the memories of those who died, especially those who died successfully preventing the object of one of these attacks from being hit – the passengers on UA 93.

We still, as a nation, nine years on, refuse to admit what happened on 9/11.  We refuse to properly characterize this act just as we refused to properly characterize the attack on the USS Cole less than one year before 9/11.  That too was a military operation directed at our military – a warship that was peacefully refueling in Yemen.  We were not in Yemen to occupy the nation.  We were there refueling – that is, buying fuel for our ship.  Our visit to Aden was a peaceful one.

This was not the first attempt.  Ten months earlier a similar act of war was attempted against a different US Navy Destroyer.  The attack failed because the boat full of explosives was overloaded and sank.

Why is the USS Cole attack important and how do we know it was interlinked?  Primarily because one of the future 9/11 hijackers, Khalid al-Mihdhair, was involved in preparing it, and he later commandeered the aircraft that hit the Pentagon on 9/11.  It doesn’t get much more “interlinked” when you participate in two successful attacks and kill yourself executing the second one.

Those who claim that we have no “identified enemy” in these actions are liars.  We do – we have enemies that committed self-declared acts of war against America.  After the USS Cole was bombed the Yemeni Parliament called from the floor for jihad against America.  FBI agents sent to Yemen to investigate were “greeted” by Yemeni Special Forces pointing loaded AK47s at their plane.

This last week we were told by our President that “we have laws to deal with that” when a nutball pastor said he intended to burn a Koran today.  Do you all understand how insane that sort of statement is?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

What part of that wasn’t clear Mr. President, when you took your oath of office?  Your thinly-veiled threat is in fact an impeachable offense, in that it is a direct violation of not one but two of the clauses in the First Amendment.

First, you may not respect an establishment of religion.  Therefore, any act of Congress – that is, any law – that you assert to provide “supra-protection” on the premise of religion is void.

The Muslim faith is granted no more or less right to not be offended under the Constitution than is any other faith.  Christian faiths are attacked and ridiculed all the time.  “Piss Christ” and similar “artistic expression” is protected by the First Amendment.  So is burning a Koran.  That you refuse to recognize this and stand for the rights of Americans when it happens to offend one religion – but not another – is a direct violation of your oath of office for which you must resign.

Second, burning of a book (that one owns) is a clear political statement – that is, speech, as is burning a flag.  Both are highly offensive to the persons who find comfort in that particular symbol or artifact.  The test of whether someone supports The First Amendment and thus honors their oath of office as a government official occurs when the speech in question is offensive. 

After all, nobody ever bothers to try to censor speech that does not offend!

Now let me be clear: I believe that burning books as a political statement is rather idiotic, as is burning flags.  You’re clearly not going to do anything other than piss people off by doing so.  Yet we are witness to Muslims burning American flags and chanting “Death to America” all the time.  Do you propose to levy your much-vaunted “laws” against those people?  Of course you aren’t, and of course you haven’t.

If someone is a murderous thug and finds “incitement” in someone else’s clear political speech – an act that is without doubt covered by the First Amendment, the problem is theirs.  A proper and just government in this nation would arrest and prosecute those who rose and issued death threats as a consequence of that speech.  You, personally, along with Gibbs, have instead decided to violate the US Constitution and your oath of office, and threatened the speaker, while remaining silent and taking no enforcement action whatsoever against the thousands who have issued death threats over this “anticipated” act of speech before it even happened!

The Constitution is not your plaything Mr. President.  Millions of Americans have given their life in its protection over the last 200+ years, including 33 Americans on flight 93 along with hundreds more who died trying to save citizens in NY on 9/11.  They roll in their graves today as a direct and proximate consequence of your despicable acts in this regard.

We are currently trying to prosecute a “police action” in Afghanistan using our military.  This is idiotic.  Nearly a decade after 9/11, you, along with your predecessor in office, have prosecuted the precise same sort of “war” that you, during the campaign, said you would not.  That is, you lack the balls to ask Congress to declare war when in fact we are at war and have been since the USS Cole was bombed, just as did George Bush.  I don’t care why you lack the gonads for what has to be done to put a stop to this, but do very much care about where this will ultimately lead.

These people have shown over the last decade and more that they understand exactly one thing: overwhelming military force.  That’s it.  Nothing else.  You cannot reason with a man who believes that he will go to heaven if he kills in the name of his God, and it does not matter what that God’s name is.  One who believes in an “eternal reward” for an act of savagery has no mental faculty left with which to reason.  You, along with President Bush, have wasted American treasure, both in the form of money and souls, on a path of action that is both futile and idiotic, and our Congress has lacked the balls to force either of you to stop it.

In point of fact that failure is ours as Americans.  We the people have the power, as I have repeatedly documented.  Congress, along with you and the US Supreme Court, have none that we do not explicitly grant you.  By refusing to work and thereby collapsing your tax base, we can shut down Washington DC tomorrow.

But we the people have become too pussified to do so.  We therefore will send our young men and women into harm’s way on a fool’s errand. 

Do not take this as a call to “come home and let live.”  We can no more do that than we can shoot ourselves.  More than forty years of our failed policies, specifically in the form of energy policy, are responsible for this.  We thus must protect our energy sources in the Middle East, irrespective of all other desires, or our economy will collapse overnight, along with our government.  This you do understand, which is why you’re maintaining your “police action” in Afghanistan.

But you could address this tomorrow.  The US Military has bases in virtually every state of this union.  You could direct the US Navy to construct and operate nuclear power plants on each and every one of them.  As Federal facilities you could tell the NIMBY weenies to go stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.  You have the authority to do this right now, today.

Then, having secured our energy infrastructure, both through that and immediate and full exploitation of our resources in The Gulf, in the Shale out west on federal land and elsewhere, we then could bring our troops home – all of them.

The only other option is to meet the ten-year-old declaration of war with one of our own – in Congress, as the Constitution requires.  And I’m not talking about the sort of “war” we waged in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I’m talking about actual WAR – that is, blow it all to Hell, shoot anything that moves, and do so until the other side sues for peace.  Make clear that if they kill one American, we will kill 1,000 of them – and we will fill our bullets and bombs with pig’s blood so each and every one of them will burn in eternal Hell (or, at least, so they will believe.)

We have no business asking our servicemen and women to play policeman – their business and their purpose is to kill people and break things, and our military does it better than any other in the history of mankind. 

Turn them loose or cut the crap Mr. President.

We know who’s responsible for this garbage and we also know which governments and which banks and other civilian institutions worldwide enable and permit it to go on.  They’re some of our “favored” energy and financial “partners”, which is why you don’t like this course of action. 

Indeed, as was recently disclosed by The Wall Street Journal, you and Tim Geithner at Treasury are allowing banks who are alleged to have intentionally illegally routed money to Iran to get away with nothing more than mere fines.  Iran, for it’s part, has been paying the Taliban “bounties” for the murder of our troops.  Yet these institutions continue to be allowed to profit by being a dealer in US Government debt auctions!  HOW DARE YOU!

That you don’t want to tell those “favored” nations and institutions that have repeatedly screwed and in fact murdered our citizens to go to hell, or that you fear the “political” implications of doing so, doesn’t make that course of action wrong.

It just makes you a spineless, ball-less wimp, exactly as George Bush was.

Your intentional and willful failure to deal with this, as was the case with Bush, does not come without consequence.  Oh sure, we haven’t had a “material” terrorism incident since 9/11.  That is, unless you count the dead GIs at Ft. Hood, who were killed by an Islamic Terrorist in our midst!  Nor can you count the “Honor Killings” in America – a search that returns 201,000 “hits” on Google.  I suppose all those girls are just “victims of common crime”, and not Islamic Terrorist Murder, right?  After all, how many Christian girls have been run over by their fathers with their car or shot to protect the family’s “honor” for an offense so mere as dating a boy that is of the “wrong” faith? 

Here are two of the victims Mr. President – victims who’s blood is on your hands:

Their crime?  Dating a non-Muslim.  Their punishment?  Death, exactly as prescribed in the “Great Religion of Peace Holy Book”, the Koran

The chief suspect in their murder?  Their father.

Let me be crystal clear: These girls were murdered by an Islamic Terrorist because they had the audacity to fall in love with someone who prayed while facing the wrong direction.



Oh yeah, I know the media is mostly-silent on this subject.  Why actually reporting on that would mean that public awareness might rise, and that would be bad, right?  After all, you can’t possibly stand for the First Amendment when at the same time you threaten a man for burning a book while any girl from a Muslim family who DARES to act outside of their faith’s boundaries – IN AMERICA – risks being sentenced to die AT THE HANDS OF THEIR OWN FATHER!

This is the legacy of 9/11 my fellow Americans. 

We spent a couple of months united against Islamic Murderers.  But not for long.

Soon both the left and right came in and did what they always do – split the issue, hiding the reality from us and instead putting forward their own idea of “bad” and “good.”  Instead of dealing with the fact that the people who acted on 9/11 were and are murderous animals and are not a “tiny minority” of people, we have since intentionally and routinely ignored the thousands, if not millions, who show up in the streets to chant “Death To America” and are willing to make it happen if they get the opportunity.  We willfully ignore the deaths of girls like Amina and Sarah Said instead of calling their execution what it was – Islamic Terrorism – along with those who fell at Ft. Hood.

We refuse to declare war despite having war declared upon us, and despite knowing which governments provide aid and comfort to these murderous thugs.

We must reverse course.  Appeasement never works.  Neville Chamberlain tried this same crap with Nazi Germany in 1938 and the result was twenty million dead soldiers and over fifty million dead in total through WWII, when many of those deaths could have been prevented by, instead, immediately meeting force with force in Czechoslovakia.

He was wrong and millions died as a consequence.

Both George Bush and you are wrong Mr. President, and if you don’t cut this crap out millions will die again, as a direct and proximate consequence of both your and former President Bush’s actions.

In a world where nuclear weapons are a reality, and building them is as simple as acquiring the materials, which takes nothing more than money (and these jackals are sitting on a lot of it thanks to our willful decision to cripple our energy infrastructure and thus make their oil valuable), it is only a matter of time before one or more of them acquire the means to make good on their threats and incinerates one or more of our cities because we have the “audacity” to pray while facing the “wrong” direction.

We were warned with the USS Cole and again on 9/11, with the latter warning costing 3,000 American lives.  We have continued to be warned with the terrorism at Ft. Hood and the murder of innocent American girls – in America – by Islamic Radicals that live here, in this land.

What we should do, in my opinion, is burn lots of Korans.  (And incidentally, if you’re so inclined, burn some Bibles too.  It’s your property, it’s your right to speak using it.)  Every damn day.  And each and every Muslim who stands and announces an intent to commit murder as a consequence (or who actually does so) should have a Predator drone send one of it’s AGM-114s right up their asshole with a warhead dipped in pig’s blood.  (I’m willing to bet you won’t find one Christian who will similarly stand and issue death threats, although if they do, I’m all for sending an AGM-114 their way as well.)

It is time for America to stand up and say in a loud, clear voice that we have had enough of this crap and we are not going to stand for it any longer.

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COMMENT:  Having just got off the phone to Afghanistan a short time ago, I am passing along a personal thank you for this article to Mr. Denninger from many of our soldiers right now serving in our ‘police action’ which they believe should be the war described in the piece above – or that they should come home.