Treasury Lies Again (Deficit For August)


Using crooked accounting only government can get away with, they “announced”:

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — The U.S. government’s budget deficit was $91 billion in August, the Treasury Department said Monday, as the federal government again spent more than it brought in.

Uh huh. 

This is why the Treasury borrowed the following:

The number in pink is the real number.

That’s the total amount of debt as of 8/31 less the total amount as of 7/31.  It’s called “subtraction” Timmy….

And that’s not $91 billion, it’s $212 billion.

If the US Government was a corporation Tim Geithner would be in prison for intentionally submitting false accounting statements.

If we the people had an ounce of common sense we would look up the Treasury’s own “Debt to the Penny” data for ourselves (it’s online) as I have and we would scream in a loud concerted voice:

But we’re too lazy to do that, and the media won’t do it.  I’ll take bets on the latter – neither CNBS or Bloomberg will point out that this is an intentionally false number, and that the real deficit is more than twice as much.

But it’s all good you see, the Dow is up.


(You don’t actually need a job, do you?)

Update: Yes, I know last month the DTTP numbers – debt to the penny – were the other way.  But the divergence between deficit and debt sales is disturbingZerohedge did an article on this today, and it’s worth reading…..

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