FedUpUSA On Dylan Ratigan Show: Why Are The Tea Parties Silent On The Fraud?!


FedUpUSA was born in early 2008 after Bear Stearns collapsed and was forcibly merged into JPMorgan using taxpayer dollars without a single vote from Congress and no representation of the people.  After multiple protests against this outright thievery in New York on Wall Street and in Washington DC in front of the Federal Reserve, the Tea Party idea really took off after Rick Santelli’s now historic rant on CNBC TV.   

Since then, the Tea Parties have lost site of the fraud and corruption almost entirely, despite the concrete evidence that surfaces daily that the big TARP banks are illegally foreclosing on homeowners and have also defrauded investors who bought their toxic securities.  Why have Tea Parties ignored the blatant crime?  Does no one care that BOTH parties have continued to cater to the banking cartel that pays for their campaigns?    I’ve got news for people:  the real economy isn’t coming back no matter who is in office as long as the fraud and corruption is not prosecuted and the looting of the American People stopped.  You can take THAT to the bank.

Make no mistake, this is NOT a partisan issue.  This is truly a matter of the rule of law. Without the rule of law, our Founding Fathers said we would lose the Republic.   Currently our government is an oligarchy.  There are rules for the elite, and there are rules for the rest of us.  This is not a matter of class warfare either, it matters not if you are rich or poor when you are stolen from, you’ve still been a victim of a crime!  If the Tea Parties don’t wise up, they’re all going to be in for a rude awakening when their candidates get into office and merely continue the looting, fraud and corruption.