JPMorgan Chase Lied – MERS


So yesterday, early in the day, the associated press announced  LINK – JPMorgan exits electronic mortgage tracking system…

NEW YORK — JPMorgan Chase’s CEO says the bank has stopped using the electronic mortgage tracking system used by major financial institutions.

JPMorgan’s CEO, Jamie Dimon, made the announcement in a conference call Wednesday to discuss the bank’s quarterly earnings.

Shortly thereafter some of the stories started to change throughout the internet…

Then CNBC Diana Olick reports  LINK – JP Morgan Chase Drops Electronic Mortgage Clearing House…

It was news to me, and to the AP wires, but a spokesman confirms, JP Morgan Chase no longer uses MERS, the electronic mortgage clearing house, that is at issue now in foreclosure litigation across the country. They dropped MERS in 2008.

So I asked Kelly why they dropped MERS. First he said, “In truth some courts won’t accept MERS for foreclosures.” But then he said it was “a matter of policy.” I’m sure they don’t want to come right out and say, well, we’re not exactly sure MERS is all that legal.

So, now my question to you Mr Kelly…

If JPMorgan Chase dropped MERS in 2008, how the heck is your internal Robo-signer Barbara Hindman signing off on hundreds of thousands of documents on behalf of MERS transferring the mortgages to JPMorgan Chase?

LINK – Pigs Ass: Chase Dumped MERS Two Years Ago. (Send out an APB! Rogue JPMCB Robosigner, Barbara Hindman, on the loose!)

From Urban Dictionary: The term “pigs ass” is used in many situations. It is most commonly used when someone claims something is not true.

First you have got to get a load of this propaganda spin! “Chase doesn’t register retail-originated loans with MERS. Many of the correspondent loans we purchase are already registered on MERS as are some of the loans that we service for investors,” says spokesman Tom Kelly. CEO Jamie Dimon kind of mentioned it off-hand on the earnings call this morning without really elaborating. (here)

Oh, so Chase just dabbles in MERS?

Remember people, presumption of falsity. Everything that spews from these American predators, presumption of falsity!

Here are some assignments of mortgage in the name of MERS. What of these, Mr. Dimon? Featuring Barbara Hindman, robosigner for JP Morgan Chase, there are hundreds of thousands of these nasty things, signed by her & her coworkers, filed in land records across America! See how she signs, under the veil of MERS, for many financial institutions? See how she is masquerading as an agent of the grantor when she is really employed by the grantee? See how she’s just robosigning papers which effectuates the transfer of hundreds of thousands of dollars from any-entity-at-all to JP Morgan Chase?

  1. assignment1.pdf
  2. assignment2.pdf
  3. assignment3.pdf
  4. assignment4.pdf
  5. assignment5.pdf

If five examples aren’t enough, head over to LINK – ForeclosureHamlet.org to check out twenty more…

Remember, this is an employee of JPMorgan Chase robosigning papers while masquerading as an agent of the grantor (Multiple defunct financial institutions) when she is really employed by the grantee. (JPMorgan Chase)

For more on Barbara and others just like her, see my Guide to Looking Up Public Records for Fraud below.

The Guide was written over a year ago but the information is still relevant.