Okaloosa County Libertarians: Stop The Looting


Well, we’ve got at least ONE group onboard!

… and Start Prosecuting!

Dear Karl,
Just a word to let you know that from now on I will be advocating the Florida LP take up the charge of enforcing the rule of law and make a clear stance against the fraud perpetrated up and down the mortgage system.  In my opinion, as I think in yours, it is the single greatest threat to the Republic both in its immediate and follow on effects.  There is virtually no aspect of public or private finance that is not touched by what you speak about, and it also threatens public confidence in our institutions to live by the same laws we do.  This is a much unappreciated glue that keeps us together as a society.
The Last Word show clips you were in were revealing.  Surprising how many people want to end socialism, but still want their medicare and social security, even Tea Party leaders.  They can’t even call it socialism.  This is the fundamental flaw in the Tea Party…they want low taxes and government to “get out of their lives” but still want a “strong military”, government regulation, and the nanny state benefits.  Its like they want to get a little bit pregnant.  Libertarians know this is not possible.  The use of government force to create the SS and MC systems is inherently wrong, and ultimately leads to its own destruction.  Yes, unpleasant. 
I can’t promise immediate effects, but I can say I’m gonna try.
Pete Blome is the Chairman of the Okaloosa County Libertarian Party.
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