The Tea Party – Again – On MSNBC And Elsewhere


This pre-election pool results from The Free Enterprise Nation is….. disturbing.

What is the most pressing issue currently facing the U.S.?

Ok, so we have Unemployment and The Deficit as the two most-pressing issues facing the nation.  To “fix” one with government you have to make the other worse.

That’s a problem.  But we’re not discordant enough yet.  Oh no.

Who is most responsible for the current economic slump?

Yeah.  Ok.

On one side we have people blaming Obama and Congress for the economic malaise yet ignoring the Elephant in the room – what happened before Obama was President – while on the other side we have the people blaming ex-President Bush.

Notice that “Wall Street/Bankers” manages to draw 25% – among Democrats.  40% if you include “Big Corporations. – among Democrats.  But among Republicans?  Under 10% for both groups combined.

This is beyond ridiculous.  It’s stupid.

If we don’t cut this crap out we’re going to go down the hole as a nation.

You want to know why I have been all over the Tea Party?  Well gee, this might be why.  The Tea Party is essentially all Republicans and yet nowhere (in the 90th percentile) do we see any acknowledgment of what actually caused the problems in this nation – particularly when it comes to the economy.

Ramps in housing prices based on fraudulent appraisals and intentional hype?  No acknowledgment.

Fraudulent loans?  No acknowledgment.

A Hummer with a rollover loan at 120% – or more – of it’s value, and no money down?  No acknowledgment.

Banks selling money to “home buyers” and mortgage paper to “investors” that by their own admission, under oath, they knew were 60% crap by 2006 – and 80% by 2007?  No acknowledgement.

Offshoring our jobs for 20 years and replacing that income with credit – that is – debt – generated and promoted under the false pretenses above?  No acknowledgment.


Stop the looting and start prosecuting? 

Not a prayer in Heaven – or Hell.

Here’s truth on the debt folks.  These aren’t my numbers.  They’re The Fed’s numbers – and they don’t include either Medicare or Social Security:

Debt doubled from 2000 to 2010, and again, this does not include Medicare of any sort, and most particularly Medicare Part D, which added tens of trillions in unfunded liabilities!

Here’s the budget:

Ok folks.  Want to address the deficit?  Look at that graph.  It cannot be done without addressing Medicare, Medicaid and Welfare. 

It can’t be done, especially if you exclude Medicare (and Medicaid.)

Why not? 

Because Medicare and Medicaid are expanding at a rate radically higher than any other section of the budget.  If we do not fix it then it will destroy our Federal Budget – and nation.

We did the same thing with Medicare and Medicaid that we did with houses.  We put them on the credit card.  But we don’t have the money and the same thing that happened to the housing market will happen to the budget and our nation if we don’t address this. 

It’s that simple.

This is arithmetic. 


To fix this we must admit and deal with two indisputable facts:

  • Wall Street and Main Street collapsed because of rampant fraud caused by Wall Street.  This fraud has remained unpunished.  Worse, the debt that it left behind remains in the system.  We cannot solve the economic problems until the debt is flushed, and we must deal with the fraud by making sure it can’t happen again.  The only way to do that is to break up the companies responsible, prosecute those we can, and eject those we can’t from public companies and the banking system.  We cannot keep borrowing to sustain a lifestyle that we do not have the money to pay for – privately or otherwise.      

    The claim is often made that if we “fix this” we’ll collapse property values and trash the economy.  That damage already happened and the theft occurred when the fraud took place.  Arguing that we must keep stealing to artificially prop up that which has no foundation is both idiotic and simply enables the thieves to steal more from you through MORE CRIME, while guaranteeing that true economic recovery will not happen.  WAKE UP!

  • Our Federal Budget must be dealt with.  It cannot be dealt with until and unless we deal with entitlements.  The immediate need is Medicare and Medicaid.  Social Security must be dealt with too, but it, properly managed, can be without much in the way of radical change.  Medicare cannot continue in its present form, whether we want it to or not.  It simply can’t.  This is arithmetic, not political will or desire and your political party affiliation does not matter.

Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are not “socialism” if run as they were promised.  That is, you paid into a fund that is alleged to have “Trustees.”  Well, a Trustee has a fiduciary responsibility.   

Allowing someone to steal the money or restrict how you protect it doesn’t meet that requirement.  This is why these programs, today, are “socialism”:  Congress steals every penny the instant it comes in.

The common canard that Clinton ran a surplus is a lie.  Here’s truth – again:

That blue line never went under zero.  There was never a surplus.  We got close, but never got there.  The claim that we had a “$1 trillion surplus” is a lie.  That lie relied on stealing your payroll taxes – and you pay both halves, both what you see on your check and an identical part you do not. That your employer cannot show as a deduction from your pay is immaterial – it is a deduction, in point of fact, and he would give it to you if the government didn’t demand it.  These payments amount to roughly 15% of every dollar you make (unless you’re “well off”, in which case the Social Security tax disappears when you get to the threshold.  Medicare, however, does not.)

I would have liked to have had a substantive debate with Lawrence and guests this evening.   

Unfortunately, a substantive debate requires people who will debate, which means you have to have people that will answer questions and put their beliefs out where they can be challenged and discussed!

Where were they?

Lawrence O’Donnell was all over the “socialism” point.  Sorry, no.  Not until you start stealing Social Security and Medicare tax receipts do you have “socialism” in these programs.  And that’s not what the public was and is sold.

We are sold these as annuities – yes, I know they’re not, but that’s because how they’re sold is a lie!

Remember what I said up above?  That the entire problem is one of fraud?

Yeah, well, guess what.  It is.

Social Security as sold to you is a fraud.  It’s not really run how you’re told it is.

Medicare as sold to you is a fraud.  It’s not really run how you’re told it is.

Still think the fraud doesn’t matter eh?  Well guess what – it detonated your home’s value, it detonated your stock portfolio twice in ten years, it detonated employment in this nation and it will detonate the Federal Budget unless we cut this crap out!

Here’s the segments.  Yeah, I know. 

Can we have some other “Tea Party leadership” – somewhere – anywhere – that wants to have a substantive debate?  Or, for that matter, anyone from any of the major political elements?


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Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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