BAC Boom-Boom? (Wikileaks)


Maybe.  And look what else popped up today:

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange isn’t some well-meaning, anti-war protestor leaking documents in hopes of ending an unpopular war. He’s waging cyberwar on the United States and the global world order. 

Mr. Assange and his fellow hackers are terrorists and should be prosecuted as such.

Why now?  Well gee, it wasn’t Iraq, and it certainly wasn’t the claim that soldiers fired on poor harmless unarmed civilians!  Why that latter video turned out to display a very nice RPG across the shoulder of one of those so-called “peace-loving” civilians when examined under a somewhat-critical eye.

No, what got FauxNews all wired up was this:

If we don’t deal quickly and decisively with what is a cyberattack on America, we can expect WikiLeaks 2.0 and Pvt. Manning copycats to do this kind of thing over and over again and again. In fact, Mr. Assange has already announced plans to ‘bring down major bank’ by leaking information about its accounts and practices.

Oh I see. 

And what bank might that be?  Uh….

Is the target of the Wikileaks “Big Bank” exposé going to be Bank of America?

As the Huffington Post points out, Julian Assange talked about BofA last year in an interview with Computer World, claiming “he had acquired a large cache of information from Bank of America.

He specified that he has 5GB of material on the company.

Now let’s think about this.  What has Bank of America done that could implicate it in this regard?  Oh hell, who knows. 

But it is rather interesting that all these screams about prosecuting the Wikileaks folks suddenly started to gain currency and stridency when the leaks turned from the fact that Iran isn’t liked by anyone (big shock) to the possible exposition of improper conduct – knowing improper conduct – by one or more of the big US Banks.

Exposing diplomatic cables is probably bad and might be criminal.  Lying about why our soldiers engaged some bad guys by implications was bad too.  I was pissed, and even more-so when the truth was right there in the video they published, but they either didn’t bother mentioning it or worse, had a slant on the “reporting” they were doing.

But while that raised a furor over here, now, suddenly, we have people threatening prosecution or worse, and WikiLeaks site is under high-volume cyber-attack.

What changed?

They’re targeting a bank’s conduct.

Should I be surprised?

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If it isn’t clear to you by now, the ONLY ‘untouchables’ are the banks.  Governments around the world will protect banks even if it means they destroy themselves in the process.  That includes our own government, which did absolutely nothing about the previous three Wikileaks.  As yourself WHY it went unprosecuted before and now suddenly Eric Holder is going to try to bring down Assange?


One word:  BANKS