Gee The FRAUD In HAMP Is Coming Out?


Hoh hoh hoh… read this one carefully folks.

SAN DIEGO (CN) – A La Jolla man can keep his home for now, after a federal judge granted his motion for a temporary restraining order blocking Washington Mutual and JP Morgan from foreclosing on his house because the banks misled him into defaulting on his mortgage.

Kaveh Khast claimed the banks instructed him to stop making his mortgage payments so he could qualify for a loan modification.


HAMP was a scam and a fraud.  It was designed to induce people to default on their loans on purpose in order to get a modification.

But the modification was “optional” (helped along in many cases by intentionally losing documents sent through certified mail!) and as such the banks did exactly that.

Now we have judges – finally – pushing back and recognizing the inherent fraud in that scam.

A scam hatched by The Federal Government and Treasury in collusion with the banks.

I think there’s a law against this somewhere….. will it be enforced?  smiley

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