"How Do I Protect Myself From This?"


That’s the most common question I get these days in my email and forum.

People are waking up and getting it.

But everyone wants a way to save them – an investment strategy, a place to hide their assets, etc.

Let me give you the answer folks, and you’re not going to like it:

There is only one way, and that is to save everyone.  That is, to force this crap to stop – by whatever means are necessary – and possible.

Yeah, that’s a strong statement.  It’s also true.

Let’s presume that we don’t do this.  That Bernanke does his QE2 thing as threatened and announced.  It won’t work – it can’t, because the commodity price ramps will cause margin compression and destruction of those in the middle and lower classes.  That in turn means people buy less, which means employers fire, not hire.

That in turn will cause him to believe he has to do more.  This is his thesis.  So he will.

And that will in turn impose even more effective tax on America.

At some point one of two things happens: Either the world blows the dollar off and it literally collapses in value by half in the space of a few days, or we get into a printing spiral that debases the currency so fast that prices change between the time you go to work and get home.  But your wages won’t go up because of exporting our labor to China, so you will slowly – or not-so-slowly – be unable to buy necessities – food and energy, along with medical care.

Either way the end point is the same.  The government becomes unable to issue Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid checks, along with paying people like the Military.  At the same time you’re literally being starved to death.  In desperation the government will then attempt to seize everything through some form – whether it be through massive fines and forfeiture, or whether it is through simple tax increases.  That of course will simply make it worse.

You can try to hide in something like Gold, but it won’t do you a bit of good.  The government is not that dumb.  They already have in the law provisions requiring reporting of transactions over $600.  They’ll go to a fully-electronic currency (we’re damn close to being there now) and force clearing of all transactions through The Fed.  This will effectively create a 100% reportable – and taxable – data stream. 

If you try to barter around it, and you will, they’ll fix that too.  Treasury will simply expand the already existing IRS program for “rats.”  Your neighbor and everyone else will be “enticed” with a 20% reward for all “off-grid” transactions that they report.  And civil forfeiture will be used to literally steal everything you own when – not if – you get caught.

Forget it folks, unless you’re planning on going Rambo.  And if you’re going to do that, you may as well get started now.  You’ll go to prison or die – but over time people dying for what they believe is nothing new.  We call them terrorists when they lose – and freedom fighters when they win.  In 1776 a bunch of men decided they had enough, and they pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honors.  They, in aggregate, won and thus are “freedom fighters” – but some of them also died.

All the noise I hear – all words and bluster behind keyboards but no gunshots – tell me that nobody’s prepared to do that.  So quit babbling about it.  All that does is get you on the No-Fly list and a visit from the guys in the black (and armored) Escalades.  Don’t bother with “sound and fury” nonsense.  You’re not only wasting your breath you’ll get arrested – for nothing.

No, the only solution is for the people to get pissed off enough to rise up peacefully but in a form and fashion that makes clear that we’re not talking, we’re demanding.  We’re putting in front of Congress and other officials positions that are not “polite requests” – they’re instructions, as all citizens are entitled to put forward to their elected officials.

The people en-masse must come to the conclusion that this will not be allowed to stand.

Enforcement of that mandate does not require unlawful acts.  There may be some people who decide to embark on them, but that’s not the message that is being sent or intended.

No, instead the message to send is that we have choices that are lawful and peaceful, and we will exercise them in full.

  • We will not do business with banksters who caused this or any merchant who does.

  • We will not work overtime or even work hard; we will instead engage in consumer withdrawal, making as little as possible and drawing as much from the government as we can.   That is, we will try to suck the government teat dry and lawfully minimize what we give both to big corporations and government.
  • We will NOT cooperate with law enforcement.  “You have the right to remain silent” is an absolute.  This already takes place in parts of America – go try to investigate a crime in some gang-ridden place.  Nobody will talk.  Well, we can make that the rule everywhere – we can make the decision that the government is a bunch of gangsters, and we will not help them.  Our eyes are closed when it comes to Government.  All we will respond with is a polite “Have a nice day.”
  • We WILL picket, protest, and show up in front of banksters and politicians homes – not just offices.  We have a right of free speech in The Constitution and we will use it.  You don’t have to listen, but the streets are PUBLIC PLACES.  Peaceful protests – but lots of them, in your face, every single day.  Public shaming is very effective.  If you want to be in a public role – running a big publicly-traded bank or in a political office you’re fair game to have signs waved in your face no matter where you are.  Sure, they’ll withdraw from the public – that’s fine.  Guess what?  Barricading themselves inside a fort hurts them – and their families – more than it hurts us.
  • We WILL intentionally ostracize both banksters and politicians.  We will NOT cut their hair, sell them gas or groceries, or fix their air conditioners.  A Bankster comes into church, they sit in an empty pew – nobody will get within 10′ of them.  Communion?  Surely you jest.  You want 20% of our income as a tax due to QE2?  Fine.  You can have it, but you’re cutting your own hair, your own grass, and fixing your own damn car.  We won’t rent you an apartment, we won’t quote your new windows or a new roof.  In short, we’re going to say “screw you”, and every time we see you on the street, we’re going to say it literally and loudly, just to make sure you understand.  If that drives them into isolation, that’s good, not bad.  The Amish call it “shunning.”  It’s part of your civil rights – you have a right to freedom of association, which includes the right not to associate.  Guess what – being a bankster or politician isn’t a protected class.

Look, at this point folks we have a former Chief Underwriter for Citibank who has testified under oath, in written form, that they were knowingly making bad loans to people.  It wasn’t an accident, and it wasn’t carelessness – certainly not when they took these knowingly-bad loans and sold them to investors.

Yet people still use Citibank credit cards.  They still write checks on a Citibank account.  Some of you own businesses that still do business with these clowns for loans, for checking accounts and for payroll services. Again: Some of you who are reading this are still doing business with them, and with merchants who use them, even though this former Chief Underwriter testified under oath that EIGHTY PERCENT of the loans his business unit made in 2007 were defective.

Eighty percent folks.

Eight in ten.

Nearly ALL.

You’re doing business with a firm that has had a former executive admit to intentionally screwing you and our government, six months later, has done nothing about it. 


You are being taxed for the explicit purpose of hiding these losses.

That is the purpose of “QE2”.

It is not to “help the economy.”

It is to hide the bad loans that are still sitting out there and are still rotting away – bad loans that were made on purpose.

That cost – that loss – is being inexorably shifted to you, and you are consenting to it.

You are being lied to by the politicians, by the bankers, and by the media.  They’re running advertisements for these institutions on their television stations while they tell you that “it’s all ok” and “QE2 means everything will go up in price.”

Listen to that very carefully folks: Everything will go up in price.

When you go to the store, what do you seek?  You seek lower prices, right?  America loves a sale.


And it’s what you, as a shopper, want, seek, desire and are motivated by.

You’re being told that you can’t have it – and you won’t have it – because these people are intentionally destroying the value of your dollar so you wind up paying for their frauds!

But it’s not their dollar.

Its your dollar.

This nation is yours. 

Its currency is yours. 

And the actions of these people – Bernanke, Congress and the rest – ultimately only happen because you consent.

Are you going to continue to consent?

Once more, can I ask why?  Do you like being screwed?  Do you like high taxes – especially illegally-imposed back-door taxes used to fill in the holes in the fraudsters’ balance sheets – the very holes that were created through the process that caused you, or your neighbor, to wind up with a bubble house and an un-affordable mortgage – one that was or will be foreclosed upon?

Let’s assume you refuse to continue to consent.

If you choose to protest, to withdraw consent, and to engage in every lawful act available to you to stop it, when do you consider the job “done” and stop?

That’s up to the politicians, but I’ll put forward my standards for what would be “sufficient” for me to call my job done and stop writing Tickers.

The politicians can choose tomorrow to initiate forensic audits, mark everything to the market, force the bogus loans out into the open and, likely, take these firms into receivership.  Detonate the bad debt, renegotiate the loans that are viable and have a lower loss in doing so rather than foreclosing, clear the balance sheets.  Break the big banks up, bar the executives from any financial or publicly-traded firm for life.  Refer anything crooked found to prosecutors with instructions to not only prosecute but seek forfeiture of all the ill-gotten gains.  Impeach Bernanke and make clear, through changes to law if necessary, that “price stability” means just that – we all go to the store seeking mild deflation every day, and we insist that The Fed both stop trying to prevent it and leave those with savings able to earn a decent low-risk return by ceasing their tampering with interest rates and protection of scammers and frauds.

If and when they make that decision, we the people stop, because we will no longer have anything to be pissed off about.

Until then, we don’t – and if that means that the banksters and politicians wind up with hair down to their ankles, a leaky roof, a broken car and a hundred people waving signs in their faces every time they open their door?

So be it.

Will you step up, or are you going to continue to consent to being assaulted?

Remember folks – the difference between sexual assault and just plain sex is consent.

Which is happening to you?

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