Orlando Sanford Airport: [email protected]$k Off TSA


Now we’re cooking….

In Florida, the Orlando Sanford Airport, which handles 2 million passengers a year, now plans to replace “testy” TSA screeners with private contractors, and two veteran commercial pilots are refusing to fly out of airports using the procedures.

In short Pistole, Sanford Airport’s reply to your bullshit is: blow me.

The flying public has the final say on this. 

Pistole said:

Pistole conceded “reasonable people can disagree” on how to properly balance safety at the nation’s airports but he asserted the new security measures are necessary because of intelligence on latest attack methods that might be used by terrorists.

Pistole was a senior FBI officer last Christmas when an al-Qaida operative made it onto a Chicago-bound plane with explosives stuffed in his underwear. The explosive misfired, causing injury only to the wearer.

Really?  You douche-nozzles at the FBI (and TSA) let that jackass on the plane even though he did not have a valid passport and visa for travel to the United States and you also cleared that flight into US airspace.

That is, the problem wasn’t with the screening.  It was with letting someone board an aircraft headed for the United States who lacked the valid and legally-required documents to get on board.

Never mind that the terrorists have already figured out how to shove a bomb big enough to blow up a plane up their ass, and your millimeter scanners cannot, in fact, detect it. 

Never mind that a terrorist who wants to incite terror (the entire point of such an act) can simply walk into an airport, get in the ticket counter line, and blow himself up, having at that point not been screened.

Never mind that the entity with the greatest interest in not seeing airplanes fall from the sky is in fact the airlines themselves, who not only get sued to Mars for negligence if and when they screw up but in addition lose very valuable pieces of hardware when such attacks happen.  Oh, and let’s not forget that the government protected the airlines from said consequences after 9/11 – retroactively – instead of letting the free market solve the problem by allowing judges and juries to ascertain whether the government was responsible for allowing the hijackers to remain in the country with expired VISAs and other documents or whether the airlines were negligent – or, if both occurred, who was responsible and in what amount.

In short, instead of taking responsibility for your screw-ups within the government, you now want Americans to consent to ever-more-intrusive “Security Theater” exercises that do not address the actual shortcomings and actual security concerns, which had nothing to do with screening and everything to do with rank governmetn incompetence, just as was the case on 9/11.

Just say no America.

We want real security and real accountability – not sexual assaults, violations of our civil rights, and lies about the actual causes of these breaches along with ducking of responsibility by our government.

Tell Pistole to Piss off.

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