This Is What Happens To You If You Are A Threat To The Big Banks


Interpol Issues International Arrest Warrant For Julian Assange For “Sex Crimes”

Per BreakingNews.com, Interpol has just issued an international arrest warrant for Julian Assange. The offense listed: SEX CRIMES. And somehow Interpol does not have access to the Internet and is unable to pull an image of the wanted criminal. Unclear if Ben Bernanke will follow suit in the same Sex Crime category for repeated involuntary fornication with the world’s middle class. In other news, we are now taking odds on a dramatic, globally televized slow speed chase on a California highway in Julian Assange’s future?


As we said earlier today, the previous Wikileak dumps didn’t elicit any action by world leaders other than some words of condemnation.  Even this latest one merely garnered some harsh rhetoric and hand-wringing.  It wasn’t until Julian Assange said he had information that would damage a ‘big bank’ (later turning out to be Bank of America), that suddenly governments (including ours) got serious.  Wikileaks came under the biggest denial of service attack in history and now Interpol has issued an arrest warrant.

Guess this should serve as fair warning:  don’t piss off the banks.  Do you need any more proof that banks own the government and the government serves the banks, not We The People?