Criminal Bankers & Global Fraud


Take about 20 minutes and listen to Michael Rivero’s radio show. The pertinent parts start about 12 minutes in.

This guy gets it.  He sums the global economic situation up very, very clearly.

Icelanders said the central bankers and their government committed financial and monetary fraud and crimes, without the peoples’ consent, so Icelanders starved their beast. Icelanders refused to accept fascism, and refused to pay for what the central bankers and their government had done.  The banks have done the exact same thing that they did in Iceland in every other country around the world.  The governments continue to choose to steal taxpayer money to bailout banks that committed fraud.  They do this because the bankers fund their campaigns.  The bankers own the governments, including ours.  However, the one difference is how Iceland responded to the fraud.

They refused to allow it to feed off the people any longer, and now Iceland is in economic recovery, which I have written about numerous times in the past.  The Icelandic people stopped the looting and started prosecuting, dissolved their government and started over. 

Wake Up America.

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