Fraud As A Business Model Endorsed by The Fed And OCC


Yep…. any screwing is a good screwing, so long as a bank does it and you, the consumer, are the screwee.

WASHINGTON — Top policymakers at the Federal Reserve are fighting efforts to rein in widely reported bank abuses, sparking an inter-agency feud with the FDIC and the Treasury Department. The Fed, along with the more bank-friendly Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, is resisting moves to craft rules cracking down on banks that charge illegal fees and carry out improper foreclosures. The FDIC supports such rules, according to an FDIC official involved in the dispute.

Got that?

The Fed and OCC are resisting cracking down on ILLEGAL fees and IMPROPER foreclosures.

What part of “illegal” don’t these guys care about?

Oh, that’s simple.  If it’s illegal (say, by charging an illegal fee, foreclosing by committing perjury, doctoring wire information so that the fact that you’re funding terrorism in the Middle East is obscured, or screwing municipalities with hinky derivative deals, or perhaps not even transferring mortgages into alleged mortgage-backed securities) according to The Fed and OCC it’s perfectly ok if it screws the consumer – or anyone except a bank.

But as soon as you screw a bank, why that’s really illegal and for that you should be prosecuted.

That we continue to allow this as citizens, when we, the people, have the final and in fact unalienable right to say no simply means that we get the government we deserve.

So when you get screwed (and you probably are if you’re paying your mortgage right now, since nobody will tell you who actually owns it – therefore, you don’t know if you’re paying the right person), if you get charged an illegal fee (and then forced to pay it), if you’re an investor and get screwed by a computer run by a big bank that “front runs” your trades and thus allows said bank to have an unbroken “winning” record (remember, for every winner in a trade there is a loser – guess who the loser is?  Yep – it’s you) or whatever other indignity you suffer, it’s your responsibility – directly – through your continued silence and continued re-election and permission to occupy the Capital that you grant for the clownfaces in DC, including those at The Fed and the OCC, that this occurs.

It is one thing to have a set of documents called “The Declaration of Independence” (setting forth unalienable rights that you possess not from government, but simply as a consequence of existence) and “The Constitution” (which sets forth a very small number of enumerated powers for our Federal Government) but if you, the people, sit on your ass while that same government gives license to blatant and clear lawless behavior such as the charging of illegal fees and does not enforce the law, including by criminal indictment, then you in fact have nothing at all.

Enjoy your self-imposed serfdom America. 

It only ends when you demand it.

To start demanding it (and note, this is only a start) go to http://stopservicerscams.com/ (link is also permanently placed in the left side bar)

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