Holy Crap! Senator Levin Reads His E-Mail



For about 2 years, FedUpUSA has doggedly sent Senator Carl Levin e-mails with many of our daily posts.  Rarely, if ever do we get a response…..even though he happens to be my Senator, since I reside in Michigan.  Actually, I was pretty sure he’d blocked my e-mails along time ago.  Apparently not.

From The Market-Ticker today:

Senator Levin Quotes Tickerguy! (Flash Crash Hearings)

In the hearing going on right now, The Senator said (in part):

One well known trader, Karl Denninger, recently made this public comment about U.S. trading activity:

“Folks, this crap is totally out of hand. And it’s now a daily game that’s being played by the machines, which are the only things that can react with this sort of speed, and they’re guaranteed to screw you, the average investor or trader. Go ahead, keep thinking you can invest.” (Emphasis omitted.)

Yes, I sure did.

May I ask why Nanex was not included in these hearings? They seem to have it documented quite well.

There was also my little July 4th missive and follow-up as well.

This much we now seem to know – at least some folks on The Hill read The Ticker.

At least we know someone at Senator Levin’s office read that daily post.