Senator Ted Kaufman December COP Report: More Fail


In this video, Chairman Ted Kaufman of the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel introduces the COP December report “A Review of Treasury’s Foreclosure Prevention Programs.”  The full report is available online here.

After two years of such reports, all of which have been varying levels of fail, we are no further along in the process of solving this crisis.  Let us not forget that two years after the beginning of the Savings and Loan Crisis, we have more than 1,000 convictions for fraud.  These convictions weren’t just bit players, they were the executives, presidents, vice presidents and board members.

So far, this time, we have nothing.  It certainly isn’t due to lack of evidence of the massive fraud.  On FedUpUSA alone, we have the official expert testimony of William K. Black, Elizabeth Warren, Janet Tavakoli, Chris Peterson and Adam J. Levitin, just to name a few.  Across the country there have been numerous court rulings at the Appellate level and above which confirm the enormous fraud.

So we are left to ask:  Why have we not STOPPED THE LOOTING AND STARTED THE PROSECUTING?

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