Gibbs: You Listening To Yourself, Jackass?


Gibbs: All governments around the world have to be responsive to the people they serve.

Uh huh.

Like the statement Barack made that he didn’t come to Washington to serve the banks?

Like TARP, passed over 100:1 objections of The American People?

Like Obamacare, passed over monstrous objections of The American People?

Like running $1.7 trillion in deficits last year, and over $4.5 trillion in the last three years, with no plan to solve the problem or even slow it down?  Remember, the CBO just updated their projections, after your boss added $500 billion more to the deficit for this year.

Like false claims – lies – on virtually every single political claim made during his campaign?

Like refusal to insist on prosecution of those who filed false affidavits – 150,000 cases of perjury?

Like refusal to insist on indicting Bernanke for perjury before Congress, when he said he wouldn’t monetize the debt?

Like refusal to insist on indicting the banksters that caused this collapse in the first place, even though we have sworn testimony of intentional deception, such as the Citibank bad loans that were made and sold off?

Like refusal to deal with the fact that if we cut to zero every Federal Program other than Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, Unemployment and Welfare, we would still be running a deficit after you paid the interest on the debt?  That is, you can’t even balance the budget today if you not only cut the Pentagon to zero but you also cut everything else to zero, including the budget for the guy who sweeps your carpet in the Oval Orifice, and this is ENTIRELY your responsibility.

There’s no inflation here, right?  That’s why cotton is up 300% in the last two years, wheat has nearly doubled, oil is trading near $90, oats have more than doubled, soybeans have nearly doubled… all but cotton in the last year?

Responsive to the people Mr. Gibbs?  Really?

What happens when Egypt comes here Mr. Gibbs?  What happens when the budgetary reality becomes realized risk?  What happens when the market collapses because all of this speculation that you have not only encouraged but have driven through policy turns into a 90% stock market collapse and the literal cessation of trucks on the highway and food on the shelves?

Does it have to happen here, Mr. Gibbs, before the government becomes responsive to the people?

The people have spoken. 


You and President Obama have refused to listen and to act in accordance with those wishes. 

Your boss, Mr. Obama, continues to insist that he knows much better than people do, as do you.

Remember Mr. Gibbs: responsive to the people.

That’s your standard.

What are you going to do if the Suez canal is closed over the weekend and oil gaps up to $100, $125, $150 or more?

Your Boss, Mr. Gibbs, and our President, is directly responsible for the food and energy inflation that the world has had to absorb.  We have intentionally abused our status as having the world’s reserve currency and have debased that currency by monetizing debt – an act that Ben Bernanke said he would not do, under oath, before Congress.

YOUR BOSS reappointed him to his office.

This was 20 years coming, but you could have stopped it in 2009.  You could have taken every one of these institutions into receivership and closed them.  You still can.

Instead, you have been and still are performing fellatio on those very same bankers. 


President Obama is directly responsible for what is happening today.  He has literally caused people to starve, and now to die.

Let me repeat that: President Obama is directly responsible for what is happening Mr. Gibbs.

He will be held politically responsible, and so will everyone on The Hill who has refused and continues to refuse to act on these issues.

You’re overdue on being responsive to the people Mr. Gibbs, and so is Mr. Obama.

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