Got A Foreclosure Story?


Tell it here.

Are you with us? Can you help get the word out? Can you encourage people to visit and share their stories or comments on Shamethebanks.org? Can you encourage them to spread the word about what the banks are really doing? The more stories, the more comments we get the more likely that we will get the attention of major media and the politicians we need to stop listening to the banks and start listening to us.

Let’s get this moving even faster than it is. We need Change now, and we are the ones who can make it happen! We are in this together. For the sake of ourselves and our kids and, quite frankly for the sake of the new American Dream, we are not quitting.

When the law enforcers join hands with those who evade the law there are only two choices left – one legal, one illegal.

The legal choice is to use public pressure – that is, shame and shunning – to apply economic pressure to those institutions and individuals who will not conform with what they should be doing.

I have long said that public shunning is one of the most-effective means available to redress this situation.  If your local bankster cannot get his car fixed, buy food for his fridge, cannot buy a haircut for any amount of money and can’t find anyone who will even talk to him in his neighborhood, things will change.

The Amish use this technique with considerable success.

Now you can when it comes to the banks and your home.

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