More Toothless "Tea Party" Republicans


Hope You’re Ready To Vomit: Debt Ceiling


Watch this…..

That was twenty-four hours before two “Tea” Senators were installed in office.

I can’t imagine voting for the debt ceiling.” – Rand Paul

We’ve got to stop this Mike Lee

What a difference a day makes.

However, Rand is a bit more pragmatic than his father, suggesting “I’ll vote to raise the debt ceiling if we attach a balanced budget rule to it. If they say no more debt will be added and from here on out we’ll balance the budget, I’ll vote one time to raise the debt ceiling.”

Uh huh.   “Just one more time.”

Just like the last time would be “just one more time.”

And he wants to attach a “rule.”  Not a law, not a demand for something that is essentially iron-clad (e.g. “the budget may run a deficit only in the case of declared war twelve months hence“), no just “a rule” (that can be waived with a simple vote on the floor of The Senate – and it will be.)

You hear that Tea Party folks?  You were CONNED – again.

And it only took 24 hours for it to happen.

The Judge asked “do you expect them to co-opt you?”

Yeah, despite the protests otherwise on that nice segment, it took twenty-four hours for them to fold like a cheap suit.


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