State Of The Union Preview Or Joke?


Bloomberg is out with this nonsense….

President Barack Obama said tomorrow’s State of the Union address will focus on cutting the deficit, reducing unemployment and ensuring the U.S. can compete with economic rivals.

Uh huh.  Let me guess.  You’re going to take 1/20th of the budget and cut it?

How are you going to cut the deficit Barack?  Seriously.  And how are you going to make the US “competitive” with economic rivals such as China?

Are you planning on repealing the Federal Minimum Wage?  You know – we have to pay people over $7/hour.  In China many people make $7/DAY.  Exactly how do you “compete” with that?

Or are you going to disband the EPA and tear up all the environmental laws?  After all, in China you just dump your poisons in the water and spew them into the air.  Might I remind you that much of China looks like this?

It’s very cheap to manufacture things when you can do that, as opposed to NOT spewing your pollution into the air, which costs much, much more.

Then there’s this:

In the video, Obama said that to maintain a competitive edge, the U.S. must stay the most “dynamic economy in the world” and make sure that future generations can “compete with workers anywhere in the world.”

“Now to do that, we’re going to have to out-innovate, we’re going to have to out-build, we’re going to have to out- compete, we’re going to have to out-educate other countries,” Obama said. “That’s our challenge.”

Uh huh.  See the above, then explain exactly what changes you will propose in our trade policy to address these imbalances. 

“We’re also going to have to deal with our deficits and our debt in a responsible way,” Obama said. “And we’ve got to reform government so that it’s leaner and smarter for the 21st century.”

Uh huh.  Can you explain how, when entitlements are 56% of the budget and we currently borrow about 43% of the budget, how you intend to be “learner and smarter” and get rid of the deficit – when you have to pay interest charges – without cutting those entitlements?

There are no Unicorns Barry. 

There are only facts.

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