Your Recourse Is In The Courts – We Have The Best Legislation The Banks Can Buy

Virginia told us today that you will not find it in the legislatures, until and unless you toss everyone in them out and replace those legislators with someone who doesn’t have a “D” or “R” after their name.

RICHMOND, Va. — A state House subcommittee voted Monday to effectively kill legislation that would have slowed the pace of home mortgage foreclosures in Virginia that is among the fastest in the nation.

With one dissent on an unrecorded show-of-hands vote as the powerful banking lobby looked on, a Commerce and Labor subcommittee sent the bills for more study by an obscure gubernatorial task force.

Nice. No recorded vote.

That means you have to toss ’em all in 2012.

Every last legislator, without exception.

I know, you won’t. Because “your guy” is a good guy, and it’s all the other black hats that caused the problem.

That’s why none of them recorded votes, right?

The finance and insurance sector last year gave more than $1.7 million to candidates for statewide office. Of that, a little more than one-third, about $660,000, came from the banking industry.

We get the best government that can be bought and paid for in the world.

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