Banks Threaten To Limit Debit Card Access – TIME TO BOYCOTT THESE BANKS!


 Credit: AP Photo / Elaine Thompson

That’s enough of the threats assholes:

What if you go to use your debit card but find you have a $100 spending limit — even if you have more money in your account?

Right now, the idea is a bargaining chip being used by some of the nation’s biggest banks, including JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup.

That’s enough.

You banksters have threatened the people, you screw up mortgage servicing, and you whine and complain to get bailouts, threatening financial Armageddon. 

Now you want to play games with people accessing their own money at the store?

Screw you pukes.

Zero interest (ZIRP) means there’s no reason to keep your cash in these pustule-filled institutions.

So don’t.

At all.

And screw these debit-card merchants of doom and extortionate threats.  Use a CHECK or CASH.

You’re not being paid anything with ZIRP to keep your money in the bank anyway.

So don’t.

And while you’re at it if you own a store don’t take any check or plastic from any of these institutions.


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