Did US Monetary Policy Cause Unrest In The Arab World?


The media is finally waking up.  Along with Fox News’s Larry Kudlow, now Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC sees the clear correlation between the Federal Reserve (with permission from Congress) devaluating the US dollar (QE I, II and lordknowshowmanymore) and the skyrocketing prices of essential commodities for the rest of the world.  The simple fact is that commodities are priced in US dollars.  If the dollar is going down in value, it takes more of these other countries’ currency to purchase them.  All countries other than the US must first exchange their own currency for US dollars before purchasing needed commodities like wheat, beans, rice and sugar.  This makes essential food impossible for them to afford. 

Egypt used to produce nearly all the wheat it needed to sustain its people – but now, it imports almost all of its wheat supply.  In the past year, Egypt has experienced a 47% increase in the price of its wheat.  For people making only $2.00/day on average, exactly how long is it before many starve?  This situation is playing out across the globe.  Starving people do desperate things.

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Now when you turn on the news and you watch the violence breaking out all over the world, you’ll know who to blame.  While you’re at it, realize that the other pertinent fact here is that all this US dollar devaluation is for one reason and one reason only:  to hide the insolvency of the major US banks.  These are the very same banks commiting massive fraud against millions of homeowners across the country.   The very same banks that Congress forced you to support with your taxpayer money.

The banks, Congress and this Administration is desperately hoping you don’t figure this out.  Our government is now completely devoid of any morality or ethics.  Are you?

The Cycle of Corruption